Hole Foods (Chillpimples)
Hole Foods (Chillpimples)
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Hole Foods (Chillpimples)

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"Hole Foods (Chillpimples)" by Whit Slorp: A Hilariously Outrageous Culinary Adventure Delve into the wildly amusing and slightly absurd world of "Hole Foods (Chillpimples)" by Whit Slorp. This comedic tale is a far cry from your typical veggie narrative, offering a zany and over-the-top exploration of food, adventure, and unexpected turns.

🥦 An Extreme Vegetarian Escapade Follow the story of Wyatt and Liam, hardcore vegetarians who love food to an extreme. Their culinary journey takes a bizarre twist one adventurous night, leading them down a path they never imagined – one where their veggies aren't just for eating, but also for creating something utterly unimaginable.

🍆 A Tale of Unexpected Cravings As Wyatt finds himself in a routine grocery store visit, he quickly realizes that he’s become the object of desire for something—or someone—in the produce section. This story turns the tables on typical food narratives, presenting a world where the line between consumer and consumed becomes hilariously blurred.

📚 A Quick, Quirky Read Spanning just 25 pages, "Hole Foods (Chillpimples)" is a compact and fast-paced read, perfect for those moments when you need a good laugh and a break from reality. It's an ideal book for anyone who enjoys humor that’s on the wild and outrageous side.

Product Specifications

  • Author: Whit Slorp
  • Title: "Hole Foods (Chillpimples)"
  • Number Of Pages: 25
  • EAN: 9798760600073
  • Release Date: 05-11-2021
  • Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.3 inches
  • Language: English

Prepare for a reading experience filled with laughter and bizarre turns with "Hole Foods (Chillpimples)." This book is not just a story; it’s an unforgettable romp through a world where food takes on a life of its own, in the most unexpected and risqué ways!