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Hidden Compartment Vent

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Details: Did you know? Crime statistics prove that often it's not due to a burglary or a break-in, when we suddenly realize, that valuables have been stolen from our homes and offices. Many times by someone we may know, a casual visitor, the unexpected guest...Who, When, How? Here is a very simple, quick and effective solution. Looks just like an air vent in the wall, and uses RFID technology to unlock. In other words, magically opens with the touch of slim plastic wallet type ID card. Feel safe and secure with a fast, convenient solution, hidden in plain sight! No, it's not a bank vault, but others will walk right by your hidden location and never notice it...that's the point... Protection by Visual Deception! (TM) Fits into a standard 2x4 framed wall, in between the wall studs. Easy Instructions to simply cut the drywall and install your new secret hideout in less than 10 minutes! Very quick and easy. Unit is powered by 4 AA batteries. Never worry about dead batteries, as unit is brilliantly engineered to remain locked upon dead battery condition - then simply plug in external power supply (included) to unlock, and replace batteries. Great professional engineering and design! You will ENJOY!!


  • Hide Cash, Jewelry, More...
  • Quick, Convenient, secret
  • Hidden In Plain Sight

Brand: InviSolution

Publisher: USA