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Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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Details: Dvokolor Pro 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk can make a huge difference! While it may not be possible to do away with the routine office job, it is certainly possible to adjust your lifestyle to minimize the adverse impact of extended sitting hours on a work desk - our desktop workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing.

Dvokolor Height Adjustable Stand up Desk

-Extended hours of sitting is considered to be an equivalent of smoking for this generation - avoid this with our incredible sit stand desks
-Say goodbye to lethargy & low productivity, which result due to a sedentary lifestyle, and ensure high energy, enthusiasm and activity levels with an adjustable desk stand converter
-Long hours of sitting put unwanted pressure on tailbone & lower back - alleviate such problems with this smart office desk standing
-Unlike other standing desks that require complex assembling, ours office standing desks fully assembled for ease of use
-Smoothly operating height adjustment mechanism makes the adjustable desk sitting a frustration-free experience - thanks to the advanced gas spring design
-Ergonomic design our stand work desk riser that ensures comfort for your hands, reduces, neck, back & eye strain, and helps you work more effectively
-The desktop workstation desk stand can easily support weight of up to 39 lbs, and the height adjustment mechanism is also tested to give satisfactory results for 6000 cycles
-Retractable keyboard tray improves the convenience further and can be easily removed if not needed
-Our computer desktop stand allows you to work in both sitting & standing position - in sitting position it can help you bring the laptop to the eye level such that strain on your eyes & neck is reduced
-Size - 35.5 x 23.6 x 4.3-20.0 inches


  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Without set positions. Effortlessly adjust the height of the standing desk converter to suit your specific workspace needs.
  • SMOOTH & STABLE MOVEMENT - Gas spring design allows smooth transitions to different heights no jerks or sudden height changes of stand up desk adjustable.
  • STURDY & PREMIUM BUILD - Made from high-grade steel the adjustable computer desks are sturdy and stable can easily support up to 39 lbs even when fully extended.
  • TWO-TIRE DESIGN - Large work surface and removable keyboard tray of sit-stand desk workstation ensure comfortable use and help uplift your productivity manifolds.
  • STAND UP & SIT DOWN - Smart design of the desk height adjustable allows you to easily switch to standing or sitting position without breaking concentration.

Color: Black

Publisher: Dvokolor

UPC: 657258955189

EAN: 0657258955172

Package Dimensions: 39.8 x 26.7 x 7.4 inches