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Automatic Stirrer

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Details: If you're tired of going crazy watching and stirring and you are ready for a hands-free solution – you’ll go crazy for the Gourmia stirrific! if you have better things to do with your time and culinary skills Then constantly steering your food, get ready to put the stirring, hands-free auto stirrer to work for you! Designed to easily mount on pots and saucepans, the stirring will automatically Stirr anything from delicate sauces to thick cereals – and even stews, so there'll no worries about burning. More than convenience, The stirring is also smart. Its custom engineered, dishwasher-safe “stirpeller” blades are inspired by the propeller designs of Naval ships and submarines and deliver maximum power and efficiency from the units ultra-quiet motor. The result? Velvety smooth sauces, remarkable risottos, super soups and stews – without burning through hours of your valuable time. Plus, the stirpeller’s nylon composite construction gives the perfect amount flexibility to ensure optimal contact with virtually the entire cooking interior.


  • HANDS FREE: This Automatic Stirrer can effortlessly mix up anything from delicate risottos to hearty gravies, stews, thick sauces, and even hot cereals.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Uniquely designed to easily, and securely, mount to all pots, pans, and saucers.
  • EASY CLEAN: Constant automatic stirring paddles prevent mixtures from burning and leaving residue in pots, and then remove for easy cleaning.
  • SPEED CONTROL: Super simple button control to adjust speed settings.
  • QUIET POWER: Rechargeable motor engineered to deliver ultra-quiet, powerful operation.
  • Included Components: cookware-accessories

Brand: Gourmia

Color: Black

Publisher: Gourmia

UPC: 635414672033

EAN: 0635414672033

Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.0 x 4.7 inches