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Tiny Hands Challenge

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The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game is a hilarious TEAM VS. TEAM Party Game! Compete in outrageously fun physical stunts using nothing but your TINY HANDS! Can you catch a ball, turn over a playing card, serve someone a drink? Sounds easy right? But it's trickier and funnier than you think when all you have is two Tiny Hands to do it with! Pick a card, make a wager and play to win. Performing the stunts with your Tiny Hands is funny and watching your friends perform them is even funnier! The Tiny Hands Challenge Game comes with 2 pairs of Tiny Hands and 2 pairs of even Tinier hands to make things even harder and more hilarious! Tiny Hands is big fun for everyone!

Set Contains:

"2 x Tiny Hands 2 x Tinier Hands 151 x Activity Cards 20 x Scoring Tokens 1 x Spinner 1 x String 1 x Ball 1 x Minute Sand Timer 1 x Wager Mat 1 x IM"


  • Team up and compete in outrageously fun physical stunts using TINY HANDS! Take a card, make a wager and play to win! With your teammates, use Tiny Hands to complete activities and earn points - the first team to earn 31 points wins!
  • Big fun for everyone - a hilarious team vs team party game that's great for the whole family!
  • Comes with 150+ hilarious challenges - balancing, bouncing and stacking has never been so challenging...or hilarious! Test your TINY HANDS skills with hilarious challenges like the Spider's Web Challenge, Waterfall Challenge or Under The Moon Challenge!
  • Includes 2 Tiny Hands, 2 Tinier Hands, 151 Activity Cards, 20 Scoring Tokens, 1 Spinner, 1 String, 1 Ball, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Wager Mat and Instructions
  • For 4 - 10 players, ages 8 and up

Brand: Games

Color: Premium pack

Publisher: Moose Toys

Warranty: No Warranty

UPC: 827165675115

EAN: 0630996252604

Release Date: 2018-07-27

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 8.0 x 2.5 inches