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Fruit Crafting: How To Make A Watermelon Arrangement (Online Course)

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row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render what-you-get js-simple-collapse js-simple-collapse--what-you-get" data-purpose="course-objectives" data-more="See more js-simple-collapse-inner what-you-get__content what-you-get__title What you'll learn what-you-get__items what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textUse your creativity to create your very own tropical watermelon fruit bowl what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textLearn how to make a fruit bowl arrangement what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textCarve and decorate a watermelon what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textKnow how to cut out letters with a knife row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render requirements" data-purpose="course-requirements requirements__titleRequirements requirements__content requirements__list requirements__itemBe open minded, hands on and creative when it comes to personalizing your fruit arrangement row row--component-margin col-xs-8 left-col" data-purpose="curriculum-practice-test row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render description js-user-tracker-click" data-purpose="course-description" data-user-tracker-schema="action-logs" data-user-tracker-object-id="888796" data-user-tracker-action="full-description-read" data-user-tracker-target-selector-class="js-simple-collapse-more-btn
"I really enjoyed this unusual course. Tatiana has a very soothing voice and great tips that I will definitely use. Thank you to both of you! I was smiling all the way :D" -EvaSKILLS YOU WILL LEARN: Cut and shape your watermelon into a bowl Learn to carve letters Carve a peacock head and wings Attach fruit to your watermelon bowl ADDITIONAL BONUSES THAT COME WITH THIS COURSE: Different uses for your leftover fruit Lifetime access to all updates to this course 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with this course A responsive instructor that will answer any questions in the Q&A section of this course PAST STUDENT REVIEWS: ★★★★★ "Great, Great course, for arranging the watermelon fruit. I like the demonstration of the course, not just readymade or pre-production ready elements for the project. Thanks, Ms. Ambrose and Mr. Jeff for designing a great course, It's fun. Highly recommend this course who love family gathering and enjoy tropical fruit not ugly box juices which give you nothing but upset your stomach." -Faisal Enroll today and craft your very own tropical watermelon fruit bowl! audience" data-purpose="course-audience audience__titleWho this course is for: audience__list This course is for students that enjoying using their creativity This course is for students that like fruit and want to learn how to build a tropical watermelon fruit arrangement This course is NOT for anyone that doesn't like fruit and doesn't want a hands on course on creating a fruit arrangement