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Fortnite Loot Chest Desk Lamp / Night Light

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Check out this badass Fortnite Battle Royale Gold Loot Chest desk lamp / Night Light Trinket Box!

This loot chest lamp/trinket box (I have no idea how to categorise it!) lights up with a supplied 12v power supply cord that can plug into your wall or computer. It also has an on/off switch on the back so that you don't have to have it glowing at night while you're trying to sleep, or distracting you while you're one of the final last ten players in the game!

As you can see from the pictures it functions as a glowing trinket box like the one in the game. There is enough space in there to store a range of things, for example a sweet place to put your Xbox or Playstation games and accessories!

Perfect for a bedroom on a side table, or on a desk in the study, in the gaming room, or the entry hallway to store your car keys!

These chests are made to order, so please order ahead before Christmas so that you can get your gift in time.