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Guitar Pick Insanity - LED light show timed to your music

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Details: The Firefly Pick allows you to create an LED light show timed to your music. Motion triggered LED pulses track guitar pick action to add a brilliant visual effect intimately connected to the guitarist's rhythm. The Firefly Pick is the same shape as a normal guitar pick, 4 mm at its thickest, and features a 1 mm beveled tip optimized by pros, allowing musicians to experience and deliver this brilliant visual effect without compromising the playability or music. The Firefly Pick is durable and features a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery as well as a smart monitoring system that automatically shuts down to save energy during travel. Used by both professional performers and beginning students. The Firefly Pick comes in 3 light motion styles (Classic, Duo, and Insanity) as well as many different LED light colors.


  • Create a rhythmic light show synchronized to music as it is being played
  • Beveled tip for uncompromising playability, optimized by pros
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery via micro-USB cable
  • Uniquely personal tool for beginners and professionals
  • The Firefly Pick Flame flashes a brilliant reddish-orange fire color on each pulse

Brand: Firefly Picks

Color: Insanity

Publisher: Capacitron

UPC: 857006005122

EAN: 0857006005122

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.0 x 1.0 inches