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Espresso Patronum - Stainless Steel Stamped Spoon

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Details: Harry Potter's patronus is a stag, Professor Snape's patronus was a doe. If I were to conjure my own patronus I think it would take the shape of an espresso cup! If you love all things Harry Potter and coffee then this stamped teaspoon is for you!

  • This stainless steel spoon is a novelty item stamped one letter at a time by hand and made with non-toxic ink. You can safely use this piece as everyday silverware but please note that daily use can wear the ink over time. Once the ink fades you'll be left with clean impressions that are still very visible and will last a lifetime. If you choose to use your novelty spoon then it is suggested that you wash it in a dishwasher to avoid abrasive hand scrubbing.

  • Because these are hand-made one of a kind pieces, silverware brand and handle design are subject to availability. The exact piece of silverware shown in the product photo may not be available and will be replaced with something similar.

  • If you'd like to design your own personalized spoon, please visit the custom order listing here to have one stamped on demand just for you:

Brand: Bon Vivant Design House

Color: Silver