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Emergency D&D Dice Frame

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We got a new mechanical cutter the other day so clearly we need to make some cool stuff with it. Taking from our Altoid Tin Dice Holder we thought what would you do if an unexpected game of Dungeons and Dragons started in your living room? Clearly, you need some emergency dice.

Using the same 10.5mm EVA foam we custom cut via laser to make a firm fit around all 7 different types of gaming dice and then to fit in the case. But unlike our travel case you are probably going to hang this on a wall or stand it up so how will you keep that D4 from falling out? We are including some sticky dots for you to put on your dice then attach to the cardboard backing behind the foam.

The frame has been enlarged to be able to hold dice with foamcore and the back has had the bendable metal blades replaced with new ones so you can get to your dice (to put them in or take them out). The custom cut vinyl has then be applied to the front of the perspex (sorry, no glass to break).

Note - This does not come with a dice set