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Edwin Interactive Smart Duck

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Edwin does a lot more than just quack-he's the world's first interactive rubber duck toy. He has an entire digital personality, so by playing with the rubber duck, kids also control animated Edwin within his various free apps. This feathered friend guides them around his world of stories, games, and songs. He also functions as a waterproof speaker, LED nightlight, sound machine, thermometer-and a sweet yellow companion, of course. When he needs a break, set Edwin on his nest to recharge his battery.



Edwin is an interactive rubber duck toy with a lot more to offer than just bobbing around the bath. He’s fully connected, so his movements sync up with his digital counterpart in various free apps.

One of the first toys to use two-way interactivity, Edwin moves on screen based on how kids move the physical duck. Tap his wing and
 he’ll wave onscreen, or tap his tail feather to get him to quack. His signature app leads kids through charming stories, or sings along with them in a silly bath song, or guides them through color matching games.

Makers Don Inmon and Matt McBeth were creating a wireless, waterproof speaker, when along the way their idea morphed into a smart rubber duck for children.

Edwin is fun for kids, but he’s also useful for their parents, too. He functions as a forehead thermometer, and grown-ups can track readings on his Wellness app. When it’s time for bed, his soft body becomes a cozy nightlight or a soothing sound machine through his Sleepy Time app.

Edwin has fun playing in the tub, snuggling at home, and tagging along in the car, too. When he needs a break, rest him on his nest to recharge his batteries. This sweet, playful duck is sure to become your kid’s favorite feathered friend.