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DIY LeatherCrafting: Make Your Own Leather Wallet (Online Course)

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row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render what-you-get js-simple-collapse js-simple-collapse--what-you-get" data-purpose="course-objectives" data-more="See more js-simple-collapse-inner what-you-get__content what-you-get__title What you'll learn what-you-get__items what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textUnderstand the differences between various types of leather what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textUse various tools for leather carving, embossing and painting what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textProduce your very own leather wallets of different kinds, models and colors row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render requirements" data-purpose="course-requirements requirements__titleRequirements requirements__content requirements__list requirements__itemThis course is for both complete beginners who have never worked with leather and for experienced leather craftsmen requirements__itemIt is preferred to have certain leathercrafting tools, like carving knife, embossing tools, hammer, etc. The course will explain in detail which tools to use and where they can be bought row row--component-margin col-xs-8 left-col" data-purpose="curriculum-practice-test row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render description js-user-tracker-click" data-purpose="course-description" data-user-tracker-schema="action-logs" data-user-tracker-object-id="1498368" data-user-tracker-action="full-description-read" data-user-tracker-target-selector-class="js-simple-collapse-more-btn