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Electric Drawing DotsPen for Illustration,stippling,manga

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Details: Introducing the world's first multi-speed electric drawing pen! 10 times faster than traditional stippling, the reciprocating action of this unique pen will help you breeze through your projects with no wrist fatigue.  CAUTION - NOT FOR USE BY PERSONS  WITH CARDIAC PACEMAKERS.Rough handling may result in damage. Notice: Please make fully charge when you use it. For any questions pls contact Customer Service: info@dotspen.com


  • the World's 1st Electric drawing pen, Cuttlelola Dotspen
  • Red Dot Award Wining Product illustrator pens,artist tools, manga pens
  • *Please REMOVE sealing wax at the tip of nib before you use.
  • **Cuttlelola has two speeds: Press On/Off button once to be standard speed, while it's on, press twice in quick succession to be high speed.Please read attached instructions before you use.
  • ***Attention: The cap at the top of dotspen is prohibited to open, otherwise it would be destroyed. Any questions for using the dotspen please contact Customer service: info@dotspen.com

Brand: Cuttlelola

Color: Red


EAN: 4897052207770

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 4.6 x 0.9 inches