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Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures Book 1)

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Details: What if you and your friends got to live the game for real?

What if you and your friends were assholes?

After relentlessly mocking their strange new Game Master, Tim and his friends find themselves trapped in the bodies of their fantasy game characters, in a world where the swords, the magic, and the gastrointestinal issues are all too real.
They learn hard lessons about tolerance and teamwork, and a new meaning for the term “dump stat”. Ha ha. Just kidding. They don't learn shit.

Never before have comedy and fantasy come together so much like a train wreck, in which each train was carrying a shipment of burning dumpsters. You just can't help but continue to stare.

Don't be the last of your circle of nerds to read this book. Shake the Dorito crumbs out of your neck beard, grab your large sack, and prepare to enter the world of Caverns & Creatures.

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Author: Robert Bevan

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 284

Publisher: Robert Bevan

Release Date: 2012-06-05

Languages: English