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Credit Card Protector - RFID Blocking Card

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Details: It does not take much for a hacker to retrieve the personal information contained in your credit cards and passport. All they need to do is to carry around a concealed digital reader, and simply scan the information from the RFID chips on your credit cards and passport. And this may all be happening as your cards are kept, presumably safely, inside your purse, while you are completely unaware of your loss of sole ownership to your most valuable asset - your identity.
Provide your personal identification with the ultimate protection. SignalRed RFID Blocking Card, powered by E-Field technology, will automatically detect any RFID scanners in its vicinity, and immediately jam and scramble the RFID signals to the intruder. It doesn't get easier to protect your identity - simply keep your credit card protector among your other cards for instant security! No batteries are required; power is drawn from the unauthorized scanner itself, and used towards your protection.
Your SignalRed RFID Blocking Card fits easily in your purse, wallet or cellphone case, for stress-free daily usage and travel. All you need is a single card, and you're good to go!
Our mission is to give you full peace of mind. Therefore, if for any reason you do not find our card suitable to your needs, we will fully refund you upon return of merchandise - no questions asked!

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  • Security. RFID Blocking Card is powered by E-Field technology, which jams and scrambles RFID \ NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scans.
  • Effective. One card does it all to protect all the cards in your wallet. No double cards required!
  • Efficient. Simply slide the card in your wallet for instant protection to all of your cards.
  • Compact. Credit card protector fits snugly in your wallet or purse for ultimate space-saving.
  • Verifiable. Download the "NFC TOOLS" app on your Android, and watch SignalRed do its job for yourself.

Brand: Signal Red

Color: Regular

Publisher: Signal Red

UPC: 628586680753

EAN: 0628586680753

Package Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.9 x 0.0 inches