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Book Statement - Cylinder with Bookmark and Title

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Handmade item


Book, ribbon

Make a Statement! Show people, which book you love! A conversation starter.
"Nomen est Omen" With a book sculpture you have also the "spirit" of the book into your house ;-)

This listing is for one Book Statement:
Each book is numbered, signed and stamped with my logo on the page with titel. I cut a piece of the cover with the author and title and put it on a bookmark ribbon.
You can still read the book, if you want. Since it is only folded and not glued, you could open the pages, read it, and than refold it.
The measures of the cylinders depend on the size of the book, about are around 7" x 5"

The perfect gift for Bibliophiles.
On the bookshelf, Sideboard, coffee table, hung from the ceiling, 

For Book Statements on request: Since I live in Germany, I cannot find all books in english, but I can try. THE LIST of English books I have right now, you find below.