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Beef Jerky Underwear

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We had long enough to jok about it, it was time to make dreams come true! Please allow us to launch our first EVER pair of beef jerky underwear that we call BRIEF JERKY. Note the time and care that this wonderful undergarment has been made for. The attention to the properly placed groments which boost the comfort of the wearers! We've also "bedazzled" this pair, adding our mixed species logo to the back next to a rhinestone heart. To Father's Day all in time! We see these as the first in "haute coutoure meat" We are made to order from the highest quality of preserved dried meats we can find at the nearest convenience store for each particular customer. This particular pair was built to fit into our very own Hairy McSpecies pattern! We will soon be adding his "pieces of action." There are actually too many nice pictures to choose. There is a rumor that wearing our BRIEF JERKY undergarments will release their natural pheremones once the heat and moisture in your body kicks in! Please note the Brief Jerky is made of actual untreated jerky! They are much more suitable for €pre-shows than €pre-shows. Brief Jerky's NOT for use. Please be careful when wearing them. Brief Jerky is held together and lined with single cell foam sheets with thin adhesive. If you are interested , please contact us with your waist size and we will be able to make your own one of a kind Brief Jerky!