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Avengers vs. X-Men (Limited Signed Edition)

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Details: This Amazon exclusive will come with a book plate autographed by the authors, as well as a lithograph of the brand new Jim Cheung cover commissioned for the collection. Limited to 500 copies.The Avengers and the X-Men-the two most popular super hero teams in history-go to war! This landmark pop culture event brings together Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto and more in the story that changes them forever! And in AVX: VS, experience larger than life battle too big for any other comic to contain! Iron Man vs. Magneto! Spider-Man vs. Colossus! Captain America vs. Gambit! And more! Plus, for the first time ever in print, Marvel's groundbreaking Infinite Comics are collected, revealing key events through the eyes of Marvel's major players. It's the biggest event in Marvel history-but is it the Avengers or the X-Men who emerge triumphant?COLLECTING: Avengers vs. X-Men 0-12; AVX: VS 1-6; Avengers vs. X-Men: Infinite 3, 6, 9; material from Point One.

Author: Brian Michael Bendis

Edition: Limited, Signed

ISBN: 0785168052

Number Of Pages: 568

Publisher: Marvel

EAN: 9780785168058