Assquatch (Chillpimples)
Assquatch (Chillpimples)
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Assquatch (Chillpimples)

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"Assquatch (Chillpimples)" by Whit Slorp: A Hilariously Wild Adventure Step into the bizarre and humorous world of "Assquatch (Chillpimples)," a uniquely entertaining novel by Whit Slorp. This funny adventure book takes you on a journey through the untamed wilds, where social distancing is not just a norm but a way of life for the elusive Assquatch.

🌲 An Unforgettable Tale of Isolation and Companionship Assquatch has mastered the art of isolation, living a solitary existence deep in the forest. However, his life takes a turn when his peculiar method of using intoxicating farts helps him form an unusual bond with a human, creating a steamy "quaranteam" of two. This unconventional pairing is a humorous nod to our own experiences with social distancing and the human need for connection.

💔 A Love Triangle in the Wilderness The plot thickens when a new love interest stumbles into this nomadic sexistence, forcing a pivotal decision: should Assquatch rejoin the world of humans or remain loyal to the call of the wild? This dilemma adds a layer of comedy and intrigue to the narrative, keeping readers hooked till the end.

📚 A Compact, Laugh-Out-Loud Read With 39 pages of witty storytelling, "Assquatch (Chillpimples)" is a quick and enjoyable read, perfect for anyone looking to escape into a world of humor and absurdity. It's an ideal pick for a light-hearted reading session or as a humorous gift to lift someone's spirits.

Product Specifications

  • Author: Whit Slorp
  • Title: "Assquatch (Chillpimples)"
  • Number Of Pages: 39
  • EAN: 9798496295918
  • Release Date: 14-10-2021
  • Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.0 x 0.3 inches
  • Language: English

Dive into the pages of "Assquatch (Chillpimples)" for a rollicking adventure filled with laughter, quirky scenarios, and an unforgettable journey through the heart of the wilderness. Whit Slorp delivers a comedic masterpiece that's as absurd as it is delightful!