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Superwoman Bookend

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Details: Superhero flying look!
This book end has a magnet that is used to suspend the supergal in the air, giving the impression of her 'saving' the books from an imminent fall.

Perfect Gift for the Perfect One!
Our unique special bookend adds such a different look, turning an ordinary bookshelf into one of a kind.

Long Lasting!
Our unique bookend is made from sturdy metal to ensure its long lasting period as well as finished off with a black coat to add a contemporary look.

L - 20 cm, W - 12 cm, H - 17 cm Weight: 350 grams


  • ✓ Unique style: our bookend adds drama, elegance and interest to your bookshelf with this whimsy super heroine character attached to it.
  • ✓ Turn your bookshelf into art: our bookend will upgrade your library and will become a sure conversation piece among your guests.
  • ✓ Add another one to the collection: our book stopper will add another new product to join your "superhero" series.
  • ✓ What a gift! Our bookend is unique and surprising, adding charm to your book lover's home.
  • ✓ Keep it sturdy: our book stopper is made of metal with a black coating finish to ensure style and durability.

Brand: Artori Design

Color: Black

Publisher: Artori Design

UPC: 773822838280

EAN: 7290015263382

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.2 x 4.8 inches