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Anti Gravity Gyroscope with Motor Starter

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Back to the school time, we've got access to some interesting physics experiments concerning gravity, magnetic force or something else. Similiarly, this gyroscope shows us some scientific phenomenon of mechanics in a vivid way.

Whatever you're a physics enthusiast or not, this item could be an eye-catching desk decoration. And guess what, it definitely is a faithful "friend" accompanying you to kill time when you feel boring and stay alone.

My 8 years old son loves this gyroscope so much and I pretty much enjoy the time sitting around a desk and discussing who is the next to make it spin. I feel like you all would enjoy the sweet parent-children time somehow:-)

Brand: DjuiinoStar
Color: Gold + Silver
Spinning Bearing Rod & Wheel: H62 Brass (heavier material makes it spin stably on surface than any of other cheap ones)
Top of rod: Durable Bearing Steel
Base: Zinc alloy with electroplating
Weight of gyroscope: 73g(2.57oz)
Size of gyroscope:
Wheel: 39.5x7mm/1.56"x0.28"(Dia.xThickness)
Length of Spinning Bearing Rod: 45mm/1.77"

Packing List:
Motor Starter x1
Spinning Wheel x1
Base x1
*Note: No batteries included in the package, just need 2 Pcs AA batteries to operate it.


  • ★EASY ELECTRIC OPERATION: Connect the gyroscope and the motor starter; grab the silver ring on the bearing rod linked with the wheel; turn right the metal piece (Switch) attached to the positive terminal of battery to the negative, let it spin, like, 10 seconds at a high speed (even can up to 10000 rmp) , which can stay spinning automatically 5-7 minutes or so at the matching silver base.
  • ★WELL-MADE APPEARANCE & ACCURATE SIZE TOLERANCE & REFINED MATERIAL: Compared to the normal gyroscope, we manufactured it with more durable & heavier H62 brass material (not rust and fade easily ), which makes it more stable and long-lasting when spinning. Besides, it only exists slight size tolerance within +/-0.05mm(0.0019"), definitely a refined thing.
  • ★AVALIABLE for KIDS & ADULTS: An awesome desk toy fascinates both adults and kids. Working as an educational toy can attract kids attention to know more knowledge in science and physics. Besides, it's gonna be a surprised toy killing time on your trip or outdoor exploration.
  • ★WORK GREAT on SMOOTH & ROUGH SLIGHTLY SURFACE: Well, to be honest, it does make a little impact on speed and stability when you spin it on rough surface. But it still works normally. BTW, you can try it on more "incredible" surface, go find them. What a fun, right?
  • ★PHYSICS TOY BLOWING YOUR MIND: As a physics enthusiast or someone curious about creative items, you must find more fun on this toy. Actually, I have to admit that I'm not into Physics very much, but now just can't stop myself to explore more surface to spin it. Gotta say, how amazing Physics is.

Brand: DjuiinoStar

Publisher: DjuiinoStar

EAN: 6971221400327

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.7 x 1.9 inches