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LED Lighted Ant Farm

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Details: Not just a fun toy for kids!

- It's a fascinating LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Ants are one of the best teachers for kids to observe their behaviors and learn from their hardworking, diligence, endurance, teamworking, and life cycle.
- It's SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, and MATH. Take this chance to teach the kids the fun and inspiring facts about ants!
- It's all about CREATING QUALITY TIME and bonding opportunities between adults and kids by watching ants, rather than playing video games (!), keeping kids busy and concentrating on the ecosystem.
- It's simply PRESSURE RELIEF! Ants are quietly working and digging in the clear gel. Their small bodies are full of power!


1. Live ants are not included. Please buy ants from trustworthy sources and carefully check if they arrive alive and kicking. If you catch them yourselves, please look for ants over 1/4" long.

2. Normally the ants will live for about 2 to 6 months. Here are a few recommendations to keep them live longer.

- Have the ant farm ready before the ants check in
- First 24 hours are critical. Leave them alone in a quiet place before the digging starts
- No feeding needed, the gel is nutritious and sustains the ants
- Always tighten the lid to avoid ants escaping
- Queen ant is not a must, but having one in the system will help the colony survive longer.

Product information:

Product Size: 6.5'' x 5.5'' x 1.25''
Ant Habitat with Nutrient Gel x1, Magnifying Glass x1, Little Stick x1, Manual x1, Adapter x1, LED Illuminator.
Power Adapter Specification:
Input: AC 110V/220 - 240V
Output: DC 5V/300mA (Non-constant Voltage)

Warning: Not for children under 36 months.


  • EXCELLENT QUALITY WITH REASONABLE PRICE - Our ant farm is made of 4mm thick acrylic, it's heavy, sturdy and crystal clear which give an extremely good visibility. It comes with pre-filled blue gel that not only offers a 3D perspective but also serves as the nutrition for the ants, so you don't have to feed them. We offer this amazing ant farm a very reasonable price as all we are trying to do is let us our customer have wonderful high quality product but with a very great price all the time.
  • GREAT ANT HABITAT WITH "LIVE ANTS ORDER RECOMMNENDATION" - Live ants are not come with the ant farm but there is "live ants ordering recommendation" in the package and also come with some tips on how to handle ants, so you don't have to worry about where to get heathy live ants! It has an ant aperture on the lid makes easier for loading ants into the container and more convenience of ventilation, there is no risk for ants escaping as long as you keep the lip on. Usually 15-20 ants for keeping.
  • AMAZING EDUCATIONAL KIT TO SEE SCIENCE "LIVE" - Kids can watch ants create 3D tunnels from different directions, to learn how they build their home and create a graveyard with gel to bury their dead. It's also very amazing to observe at night by turning on your LED lights and the light will encourage ants to dig further. The habitat is also perfect to transport to the kids' classrooms to share with their friends! Not just kids, your whole family is interested in watching these unique creatures.
  • YOU GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FULLY OBSERVE - Except the pre-filled ant farm it also comes with Instruction Manual x1, Live ants order recommendation card x1, Adapter x1, LED Illuminator x1 and a magnifying glass for getting a close up view which is larger than what other habitats come with, a little stick is helping you to poke a couple starter tunnels. Product Size: 6.5'' x 5.5'' x 1.25'' and no batteries needed, just plug into a standard electric outlet using the included power adapter.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We believe in our product and we have been trying to provide as best educational science kit as we can, but to make sure you feel safe to order our ant farm, we are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.


Color: Ant Farm W/Led Light

Publisher: NAVADEAL

UPC: 701485994029

EAN: 0701485994029

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.4 x 2.4 inches