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AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack, Includes 60 4oz Jars- Oak

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Details: AllSpice is more than just the world's best way to store your spices--it's a valuable kitchen tool that elevates your cooking creations with an easily accessible palette of spices. Finally, you can organize your entire spice collection in one place! At the heart of the AllSpice rack are 60 full-size, 4 oz. (1/2c), glass jars - the preferred size of specialty spice shops. Reclaim valuable drawer and cabinet space by eliminating piles of spice bags and containers. AllSpice creates a beautiful display in your kitchen while freeing up essential counter space. The narrow profile uses only 4.75" of counter space from the wall, leaving plenty of room for all of your favorite cutting boards and cooking activities. The solid wood frame has the beauty of fine furniture with durability that can stand up to frequent use. A variety of color choices are available to fit any kitchen design. Stimulate your culinary creativity by quickly and easily scanning your palette of herbs and spices. Choose from 315 pre-printed, water-resistant labels to customize your unique collection with further customization options available directly from the AllSpice website. Look for AllSpice 12 and 30 Jar racks also available on Amazon!


  • ALLSPICE BRAND SPICE RACK: The original slim-line, high-capacity, fine spice racks. The most-trusted, highest-quality, 5-star spice storage brand in the world.
  • SOLID WOOD FRAME: Genuine North American oak with satin finish.
  • 60 LARGE GLASS JARS: 4oz (1/2c)-- The standard size of Penzeys, Spice House and other specialty spice shops. Spices not included. Compare to most other spice racks which use 3 or 3.5oz jars. Includes 30 Large-Hole Shakers, 30 Small-Hole Shakers, 30 Spoon Scraper tops
  • 315 PRE-PRINTED LABELS: Black with easy-to-read white font. Waterproof with matte finish. Covers most common spices and many exotic spices.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 25.25" x 16.5" x 4.75"-- Requires minimum of 16.5" clearance from countertop to cupboards.

Brand: AllSpice

Color: Oak

Publisher: HausLogic LLC

UPC: 853867006049

EAN: 0853867006049

Package Dimensions: 29.0 x 20.0 x 8.0 inches