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Large Kids Rock Climbing Holds (30 pcs)

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Details: Build your very own rock climbing wall in your backyard! Squirrel Products Rock Climbing Holds are all-weather resistant and made of high-quality construction plastic and zinc plated hardware. Though designed to withstand the elements, these rock climbing holds also work marvelously in an indoor climbing environment. Get kids moving! Rock climbing will inspire and motivate kids to get up and get moving! Create the real sense of an adventure playground in the comfort of your own backyard. The rock holds were designed with kids in mind and are great for developing confidence in a safe environment. The large hold design makes it easy to grip and hold. A fantastic activity for any age, but especially for kids and teens. Improves agility, endurance, body strength, balance, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, and confidence. Have fun and create your own rock climbing wall pattern. Design the wall around the climbers who will be using it. For beginners make sure there are a lot of holds close together especially at the bottom of the wall. For more advanced climbers spread the rock holds out and make that climber work for it. Too easy? try to get to the top by only using certain colors. Use your imagination and climb on! **The mounting hardware included is designed to be installed on a board up to 1" in thickness that can be accessed from both sides. If the desired installation is thicker than 1" or not accessible from both sides, additional hardware may be required** Rock Climbing Holds should only be used by one person at a time. Designed for children ages 3+ years old under adult supervision. This product is intended for residential use only and should not to be used in a commercial environment. Fun 100% Guaranteed: To ensure endless fun, Squirrel Products offer durability and enjoyment for all their products. Warranty -against manufacturer defects. Not suitable for children under 3.


  • DIY ROCK CLIMBING WALL: Build your very own rock climbing wall in your backyard! Customize the wall pattern an adjust holds based on preferred difficulty level. Get creative, have fun, and climb on!
  • KIDS IN ACTION: Toddlers can begin rock climbing at 3 with these big holds for little hands. Develop early agility, endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.
  • DIY REPLACEMENT OR ADDITION: Create your own backyard mountain playground. Great for obstacle courses, children's birthday activities & jungle gym add on accessory for your outside play set.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Includes 30 rock climbing holds - assorted colors, mounting hardware - 1.5" Bolts, T-Nuts, Washers, installation instructions, and a 3/16"Allen wrench. Warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • MADE WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Our toys and sporting goods are modernized versions of popular, best selling classics, with improved safety and play functionality. Older kids and adults enjoy them too.

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