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Dark Psychology 202

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You have just picked up the most powerful and life-changing audiobook in the world. By the end of this audiobook, your way of life will be completely different. You will have more power over other people than you ever expected. No one will be able to say no to you. You won't ever lose a battle or argument again. You will be able to get whatever you want and to change people as you see fit. Basically, this audiobook will make you a God. Are you ready for this kind of power?

Dark Psychology 202 is a follow up to the hit book Dark Psychology 101. You will learn even more advance techniques for psychological warfare, mind control, manipulation, persuasion, Dark CBT, deception, and seduction than in the first book. This audiobook will catapult you into the amazing realm of control and power over others. No one will be able to stop you now. Whether you use these dark methods for good or evil is up to you. Certainly these methods are not light and they are not jokes. You will have a lot of lethal power by the time you set this book down. So carefully consider how you want to use this power and what your motives are. Life is a game. The better moves you know, the more likely you are to win at it. You can use this audiobook as a playbook for how to win at life. Be ruthless and don't feel guilty for using the power that you gain from Dark Psychology 202. You deserve whatever you desire.

Author: Michael Pace

Format: Unabridged

Publisher: Make Profits Easy LLC

Running Time: 204

Release Date: 2017-08-16

Languages: English