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Customized Elegant Door Mat

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Why doesn't want a custom door mat's fashionable look? It makes a beautiful house gift for comfort, wedding present, Christmas present or any present! Don't forget yourself, however. We think that this mat looks fantastic before your door! Coco'n't what we call our mats, because they're not bacterial, they don't mold, smooth, and watery enough, as compared to regular cocoa mats made of scratchy coir, which are rough enough to catch the dust and dirt. They don't crumble or tear them. It's a pleasure to clean up. To remove harder soils, use a broom to dust lightly or sprinkle with water. Our mats are inserted, not printed & have a slip restraint that keeps them in place to perform better than any other entry-level material made today. Every tile is organized and you can customize it as you want. We work on the establishment of our international shipping / order charges. In the meantime email us with a quota and we will return you with your international shipping request. Our shipping rates often apply only to less than 48, so please give us a convoy so that we can obtain a quote if you are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. Normally, shipping our mats there costs between $15-$20 more. * Note: With this style, the name of the E and H horizontal lines is blurred, so be mindful of this before ordering.