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Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

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Details: This blanket is warm and decorative. A cozy addition to your couch or a wonderful blanket for cuddling up on those cold winter nights by the fire, this blanket is practical and versatile.


  • VERSATILITY, STYLE, WARMTH, AND COMFORT: Classic and beautiful Southwest inspired design. Great match for home decor. Alpaca guarantees comfort: NEVER TOO WARM OR COLD and ALWAYS COMFORTABLE. Coziness assured! SIZE: Approx. 65" L by 52" W and 3" Fringe
  • AUTHENTIC, NOT A COUNTERFEIT: Unfortunately (as late 2016) there have been for years many fake "alpaca" blankets on Amazon (made of pure acrylic), please look carefully at the reviews. As recently in the news, Amazon is trying now to crackdown on counterfeit products, but it is not easy, that effort will take time. ANDEANSUN TRUE ALPACA PLEDGE: We always clearly disclose the composition of our products: 50% Alpaca - 35% Wool - 15% Synthetic fiber. TEST at home and LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE REVIEWS!
  • NATURAL SMART WARMTH AND EXTRA CARING SOFTNESS: Alpaca fiber holds inside tiny pockets of air that provide the BEST NATURAL THERMAL INSULATION in cold or warm environments: Alpaca can be three times as warm as wool but will not overheat and will keep you at the right temperature even moistened. Alpaca is naturally MOISTURE WICKING and ANTIBACTERIAL.
  • VERIFY! It is easy to spot the counterfeits but you will need to look carefully at the customer's reviews. Testing at home is possible You will need to comb some fibers out of the blanket to test.
  • FRESHNESS, EASY CARE & CLEANING: Dry Clean recommended. Can be machine wash in COLD gentle cycle with a mild detergent. AIR DRY LAY FLAT. Do not tumble dry, heat and agitation make soft fibers to pill, do not use heat. Due to the antimicrobial nature of alpaca, this blanket stays fresh and comfortable longer than usual.

Brand: AndeanSun

Color: Grey - One Color

Publisher: AndeanSun

Package Dimensions: 19.0 x 15.0 x 2.0 inches