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Basic Survival Concepts (Online Course)

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row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render what-you-get js-simple-collapse js-simple-collapse--what-you-get" data-purpose="course-objectives" data-more="See more js-simple-collapse-inner what-you-get__content what-you-get__title What you'll learn what-you-get__items what-you-get__item udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textYou should be able to intellegently build an emergency survival kit and with practice and time in the dirt, understand the skills needed to help you not only survive and be rescued but to prioritize things better and do so with less fristration and confusion. row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render requirements" data-purpose="course-requirements requirements__titleRequirements requirements__content requirements__list requirements__itemYou will not need any knowledge of basic survival entering this course, and to complete the course you will need no kit, it is best to watch this course and attempt to replicate what you see after taking quizes so that you build a proper kit of items after being educated on what types of items to buy row row--component-margin col-xs-8 left-col" data-purpose="curriculum-practice-test row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render description js-user-tracker-click" data-purpose="course-description" data-user-tracker-schema="action-logs" data-user-tracker-object-id="1582266" data-user-tracker-action="full-description-read" data-user-tracker-target-selector-class="js-simple-collapse-more-btn