Zero Gravity Batmobile

Zero Gravity Batmobile

The Air Hogs Zero Gravity RC Batmobile drive on the walls, ground and upside down. Even on the ceilings of your home! Use the Remote Control to project the iconic Bat Symbol on the wall, and the car will follow it immediately! And… it’s a Batmobile!

So much fun in such a little car!


  • The Zero Gravity Batmobile features award-winning, patented Wall Climber Technology that allows the car to defy the laws of gravity!
  • Drive on the walls, ground and upside down! The Zero Gravity Batmobile even drives on the ceilings of your home!
  • Its 5 directional control and infrared sensors allow the Zero Gravity Batmobile to chase the Bat Symbol across floors, ceilings and walls.

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