World Map — Scratch Edition

World Map — Scratch Edition

I love maps, but not just any boring maps, pretty much only maps that tell a story. Usually those are historical maps, but not in this case, the “Bucket list Map — Scratch Edition” is something else.

It has amazing illustrations, many cool bits of info on each country and of course the fun scratching thing that allow you to tell your own story with this map.

This wonderful map was created first as kickstarter project that I backed. I immediately fell in love with the amazing illustrations in it, even before they came with their scratch edition, which in addition gave me the option to use this map to tell my own story, about the places I have been, and the places I am planning to go.


  • The Bucketlist scratch off edition map covers the world’s most awesome destinations, from big name spots to little known gems
  • Scratch silver coating, discover the amazing detail and awesomeness of the world scratch by scratch
  • Everything from road trips, breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline rushes to man made marvels and eats and treats
  • Unique gift for any traveller, or great fun way for children to learn about the world
  • High quality offset print on silk coated 96x 57cm

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