What a cool gift idea a "Do no disturb" smart sign for working at home

Using the BusyBox wireless status sign to function continuously and improve your productivity. Choose the strongest message you need to let anyone in your house know you don't bother. Creating an interrupt-free zone for as long as you need immediately with only one click on the button.

BusyBox comes in two models: BusyBox D is the digital version that lets you create any message or picture on an LCD screen, and BusyBox S is the slide-in sign version that can last for a single charge all week.

  • Build your own message to get your own mood expressed. The BusyBox D has a crisp digital messaging screen which communicates your current status.
  • With BusyBox S you simply slide into your note, select the app's color, brightness and blinking mode to tell everyone in your home "do not disturb me, please."
  • Let your house-mates know when you're busy with no word to say. Place your BusyBox anywhere you want to remind others not to bother.
  • If you're working remotely, hopping on video calls, streaming videos, recording a podcast, preparing for finals, shooting for the crown in PUBG, or just having some alone time, BusyBox gives you the space you need without interruption.
  • BusyBox comes with a free app that lets you turn it on and off quickly, choose different background colors and, if desired, set light behavior modes, such as blinking or fading.
  • For more "hands-free" access, BusyBox can integrate with several apps too. To monitor the BusyBox, use voice command assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.
  • You can also synchronize it for full automation with applications like the Google Calendar (among others).
  • You can also turn on and off BusyBox easily via the intuitive button on the side of the cover. Just click the button on the BusyBox as you walk in and close the door, as you prepare to seclude yourself.

Questions often asked

How does the BusyBox S and the BusyBox D differ?

  • Usually three things. Message Reliability, battery life, and cost. The S is lower cost, longer battery life but with your messages not as versatile. The D is super versatile with texts, but it does have less battery life and more costs.
Do both things fit together-BusyBox S and BusyBox D?
  • Eh. Signs of the BusyBox are made to team up, or go solo. The software enables the grouping (and ungrouping) of signs as well as the monitoring of individual signs.
How do I show a message on BusyBox D? What are those options?
  • You can also build your own message using the BusyBox Control app. For fun examples of what you can do right in our app, check out the BusyBox D info page and the Control system page.
How hard is it on the BusyBox S to change the message?
  • Take off the cover. Slide out the old entry. Slide in on the new post. Put your cover back on. Currently I hold the world record at 2.9 seconds. Try beating me.
How long does the accumulator last between charges?
  • In low-light setting, the BusyBox S can run more than 120 hours non-stop on a single charge, and 40 + hours in a regular bright room environment. The BusyBox D is configured to run at normal conditions for 10 + hours. Why the difference? The BusyBox S uses 20 high-strength LEDs, while the BusyBox D uses 614,400 low-strength LEDs. But math is too hard to pin down the way it's going to work for you. Fortunately, recharging is simple, and recharges quickly via USB-C.
How are the covers left on?
  • The cover includes 4 Neodymium magnets, and 4 in the middle. They all have a lot of pull together and can even keep the cover on during a wind-blown-door-slam case.
Can you sell spare parts?
  • Oh, and no. The coverings from our website are easy to get replacements for; the same with the mounting plate. The PCB and the Battery? Contact us by phone. Maybe we will help you out.
For multi-room power, can I group BusyBox signs together?
  • Eh. The software lets you group and monitor signs all at once.
Can I use BusyBox S to make my own message sign?
  • Hey! Our website features a prototype and a "How To" guide.
Which platform will be on the App?
  • Android & iOS
Any plans for an app on your iPad or tablet?
  • Probably not.
What integration software do you prepare before, during and after startup?
  • Our list of app integrations is constantly evolving, because we listen to our user community.
If I want to hardwire it, will the BusyBox be powered from a cable?
  • Eh. It recharges via a USB-C cable port.
Got a guarantee / warranty?
  • Eh. About 90 days. But if anything unusual happens after the warranty is done we will deal with you. We 're glad to be helpful in contacting us.


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