Unique Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

So, the holiday season is upon us and it is time for cheers and joy. A time for family get-togethers and a time for creating lots of memories filled with laughter and fun. 

It is also the time when you expect to receive a lot of gifts from your friends, family or your loved ones. But have you decided on what you are going to gift yet? 

If not, here are a few ideas that might help you out. In this gift guide you'll find gifts for festive season, Christmas gifts and other gifts perfect for the holiday season. 

Mini Vase Fridge Magnet 

A vase is the most commonly used decorative item. But look at these mini vases, aren't they adorable? These cute and beautiful mini vases are actually fridge magnets. You can put dried flower branches of a mini cut out branch or small plants etc. and make your fridge look even more attractive. Find it here. 


Pie Face Cannon Game 


Holidays are filled with laughter and joy. Here is a game which will contribute to the joy and make everyone's gut pain from laughing too hard. The Pie Face Cannon game is suitable for age groups of 5 and above. The set up of the game is pretty easy and it definitely is a rockstar of the party. Find it here. 

Personalized Paper Art Shadow Box - Unicorn 


A custom gift tells your loved one how special they are to you. This paper art shadow box is a uniquely prepared gift which is a perfect present to give someone. It comes with LED lighting which makes it look even prettier. Find it here. 

World Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler 


Are you addicted to coffee or do you know someone who is addicted to coffee? Then here is the perfect gift for them. A combination set of whole beans coffee from all around the world for you to enjoy the variety in tastes by sitting in your kitchen. Buying a box of this also supports the local artisan roasters of the coffee beans. Find it here. 

Set of 6 Vinyl Record Coasters 


Here is a retro theme that would make your furniture look pretty. These Vinyl Record coasters will bring out the nostalgia from within, but it will also protect your table from getting a stain from any cup or glass of beverages. A classic music lover will treasure this gift. Find it here. 

BBQ Branding Iron Set  


Holidays and Barbeques go hand in hand. It's your time to shine among your peers with this brand-new branding set which comes with changeable letters. So, when you are grilling the steak, make a mark on it. Choose your letters carefully! Find it here. 

The Gag Gift of Nothing 


Just like the name says, it is nothing! But that is the twist in this gift. Let the person have a good time in figuring out what the item is actually supposed to do, because it does nothing. There are no details about it either! Find it here. 

Custom Bobbleheads


Bobbleheads are usually figures of superheroes, popular TV show characters, baseball players, and famous actors. But now, you create your own bobbleheads through online orders! Just send a picture of the subject, choose the body and wait for it to arrive! Create your own bobbleheads

The Zombie Survival Guide  


This guide book will give you complete instructions on how to protect yourself in case there is a zombie apocalypse. It is illustrated and explained in a compromise manner. Learn all about the living dead and how to save yourself from them. Find it here. 

Kaboom Kitchen Timer 


Do you get distracted in the kitchen and have you burnt your food because of that? Here is the timer that will remind you just in time to save your food. Kaboom Kitchen Timer is similar to a time bomb, just that it is a simple clock work and does not explode. Destress and do not forget with this ticking time bomb. Find it here. 

Fish Tea Infuser 


How cute is this? A tea infuser in the shape of a gold fish. As you sit sipping on your cup of tea, it will be like watching a real fish swimming around in a bowl, the only difference being here the tea is getting infused. Having this tea infuser will be like having a cute tiny goldfish which you do not have to take care of. Find it here. 

The Mom Appreciation Book 


We love our Mothers very much and here is the gift that will let you express how much you appreciate your mother. The book is a compilation of creative and unique fill in the blanks. Your mother will absolutely love it and cherish this gift forever. Find it here. 

Time Capsule 

Time travel to this day after a few years have passed. Plant this time capsule in your yard or garden. It will be like planting a wish which you want to open later in your life. Ten years down the lane when you dig up this time capsule, it will be a joy like no other. Find it here. 

Tornado Potato Chips Slicer 

Are you a fan of twisted potato chips but tired of cutting it out in the proper shape manually? Here is something which will solve your problem and give the potato a perfect cut. The Tornado Potato Chips Slicer make the potato get cut in the perfect spiral shape. Find it here. 

VW Volkswagen Camping Tent 


A very easy to set up tent which comes with a very classic look. Get the feeling of camping in a VW Volkswagen. The tents are very spacious, and it can easily accommodate almost four to five people inside it. The height of the tent is also pretty comfortable. Find it here. 

In Case of Emergency Break Glass 


Gift this to someone who loves chocolates more than anything else in this world and see their face light up with happiness! This set comes with a chocolate inside it and a sign saying "In case of emergency break the glass", the emergency being craving for chocolate! Find it here. 

Wasgij 1000 Piece Mystery 9 

 Wasgij 1000 Piece Mystery 9 The Great Train Robbery Jigsaw Puzzle-Toy - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

This jigsaw puzzle is about a mysterious great train robbery and it is a perfect family gift. When the holidays arrive, bring out this set and enjoy solving this entertaining puzzle. Find it here. 

Wine Bottle Lights 

 Wine-Bottle Lights-Home Improvement - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

A DIY gift which is a classic in its own unique way. These wine bottles have fairy lights fitted inside them which can be used as a decoration for the room. A pretty gift for a pretty person! Find it here. 

Slow Dance - Picture Frame


This is a picture frame that will slow down time. But there is no picture inside it and no glass either. There are objects held together by a clip. Plug it in and see their slow dance! Find it here. 

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle 


A candle which perfectly removes all the smoke odors. It works against pet odors, cigar odors etc. But keep it out of the reach of children or your pets. Find it here. 

Sumo Eggs 


Voìla! It's an egg holder! A fun thing to gift as it looks very cute and is entertaining in itself. Start your mornings with healthy eggs and maybe an egg sumo fight. Find it here. 

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Mount 


Let the dinosaur pop! A wall decorative item which is made with real crushed stone and bonded with high quality designer resin. Hang it up and let people admire the dinosaur mount. Find it here. 

The Classic Corkers Pack 


An entertaining set of corks. It holds the entire family of corks - there is a chimp, a dog, a rag doll, plane, nutcracker and a horse. You can put them around the neck of a bottle and gift the set. Find it here. 

The Neighbours Have Better Stuff 


Lure the thief into thinking that it is better to rob your neighbor's house! (Just kidding!) A funny door mat which you can gift someone who would love to have a humorous item like this. Find it here. 

Microwave Heating Foot Warmer 


Make your loved one feel the comfort of these soft feet warmers. A treat for the feet since it provides a soothing sensation and warmth, and is also lightly scented with eucalyptus, clove and cinnamon. Find it here. 


Do not settle on the second best when you are giving a gift to someone special, especially during the holiday season. Gift them the best and let them see your love and know how much they mean to you. Choose only the best for the best people. Have a great holiday with your family, friends and loved ones! 

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