Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts that they will Absolutely Adore

As a corporate employee (past, present and probably future) I know how boring these gifts we get are, and I also know that our HR manager tries his/her best to find employee appreciations gifts that we would really love. But its so hard and usually human resources department doesn't have the time or budget to find the prefect gift for the workers. So we created this amazing gift guide that includes unique gifts to buy for the employees of the corporate, enterprise or SMB company. We have here a wide range of gifts in different prices (yet not expensive at all), they fit different type of company DNA, some funny, some helpful, some series, some for inner growth and etc...

We hope you find great inspiration for gift ideas, even if they don't include the company logo... its not what really matter to the employees... but if its important, contact us and we will try to help, but it might not be applicable to all the gift ideas in this list.

So scroll down and find the prefect gift to show your appreciation, and to receive their appreciation for your effort and cool idea.



HTML Beer Glasses (with a cold beer next to it)

HTML Beer Glasses - Set of 2-Kitchen - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

  • Give your favorite coder an HTML-inspired happy hour with this geek-approved glassware
  • Simply pour in your beer and watch it fill the body

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Leakproof Lunch Bento Box

Leakproof Lunch Bento Box-Kitchen - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

If you have been looking for a high quality for kids, friends or yourself, practical lunch box that is built to last and meet all your demands for work, school or storage.
ProAid presents you with a must have bento box that you will love!
As a best gift for your family or friends.

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Legless Pirate Beer Wine Bottle Opener

"Legless Corkscrew" Pirate Bottle Opener by Suck UK! A wonderful little addition to any kitchen, the Pirate Bottle Opener and Corkscrew is full of character and made from durable stainless steel to prevent any rusting or corrosion over time. The Pirate Corkscrew comes with easy open lever, foil cutter and beer bottle opener. Designed to look like a peg-legged pirate with eye-patch, beard, hook hand, earring, black bandana and even a parrot! Forget Blackbeard, "Legless" is the hardest working pirate bottle opener in the bar! Comes with 2 Bottle Openers and great for self use and as a gift!

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Magnetic Poetry - Geek Kit

Magnetic Poetry - Geek Kit-Toy - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

o the letters USB, DSL, and IEEE mean anything to you? If so, then the Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit might be for you. There are no Ethernet cables or networks to set up; just take the word tiles out of the box and start moving them around. Before you know it, you will have created terabytes of geek-inspired poetry without so much as a keystroke. Open up a box and let the old-fashioned, new-fangled fun begin! Kit contains over 200 themed magnetic word tiles.

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Microwave Heated Slippers

Whether you suffer from cold and achy feet, stand up for a long part of the day, recovering from an injury, our microwavable Thermo Shoes offer the relief your feet need. Each Thermo Shoe contains a natural heating pad (removable) that can be heated in the microwave and provides a soothing warmth sensation and temporary pain relief for your feet. You will feel more relaxed and be promoting increased blood circulation to your feet and throughout your entire body. These are much more than your average "Feet Warmers". The Thermo Shoes heating pads are filled with a mixture of 10 herbs and grains. It combines the benefits of heat therapy for feet pain relief with aromatherapy to help relieve tension, making it a great stress & sore feet relief treatment at home.

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Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards

  • Give your favorite coder an HTML-inspired happy hour with this geek-approved glassware
  • Simply pour in your beer and watch it fill the body

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Mini Vase Fridge Magnet

  • It is better to put dried flower branches in the vase, the effect is astonishingly beautiful!
  • you can cut a mini branch or leaf from your small green plants ot put into the vase, then pour a little water and salt in it, the branch or leaf can stay green and alive for several days.

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Movies Scratch Off Bucket List

This poster compiles 100 of the best films ever made from around the world. This beautiful poster allows you to scratch the title off as you watch the film, unveiling a powerful image related to the film. How many have you seen

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Beach Zen Garden

The only way to enjoy the beach year round! Imagine taking a vacation to a tropical island where the surf gently caresses the white sand beach as you dig your toes in the sand and leave your troubles behind.

A contemporary spin on the popular zen gardens. Everything you need to relax right at your desk. Includes 8" x 10" handcrafted hardwood sandbox, ultra fine white sand, sand bucket, grooming rake, mini sea shells, starfish, sun umbrella, flip flops, beverage, beach chair, and seagull bird.

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Mug Warmer

Keep your favorite mug of coffee, tea or cocoa hot when you want it. Convenient on/off switch with on light indicator. Extended cord length to use almost anywhere. This will be your favorite gadget!

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Paper Vase Book Art - Holds Water

Make your flowers be the talking point of your room!

Each vase CAN hold a small amount of water and a few stems of flowers.

Care must be taken when filling and emptying the water as the vase is made from paper.

Each Book vase is cut from a book (that was destined for landfill, can't have that! So I reclaimed it and gave it a new lease of life)

The book vase is free standing and looks amazing it will also be the talking point of any room.

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Personalized Photo Puzzle

Get your personalized gift on... Our custom puzzle is the perfect gift idea for every jigsaw puzzler! Unique, inexpensive and fun personalized gift idea for EVERYONE! Upload your favorite photo to be made into a custom puzzle with 500 pieces--- or choose from our other very popular sizes. 

Each puzzle will measure approximately 16x20 inches when completed and will feature your favorite photo on it. Arriving at your doorstep in a box with your photo laminated on the lid, these puzzles are extraordinary and a real personal gift. Make someone smile....for a while...while they assemble this large puzzle!

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Portable Bottle Cap Air Humidifier

It is a humidifier with beautiful design and it is great for your home, office and car use.

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Porn for the Working Woman

t's an equal-pay world in the newest installment of the hot-selling Porn for Women series. Fresh flowers abound, the company masseuse is always on hand to rub those tired feet, and promotions happen with delightful frequency. Porn for the Working Woman presents 40 seductive scenarios with glossy captioned photos from the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative. Back by popular demand, the hunks are steamier than ever, and this time, they come with replacement ink cartridges and mandatory yoga breaks. It's enough to make you take the day off—but who wants to miss the daily dessert cart? This will sweeten the 9–5 for any working woman.

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POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 durable, crash proof design makes it an easier and more enjoyable option to traditional, bulky and battery intensive remote control helicopters and planes. The PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth, Smart Module transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized machines, controllable directly from your smartphone. It’s also an educational experience — PowerUp 3.0 meshes origami, physics and incorporates all the components of STEAM, (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math). This unique combination allows for schools and teachers to educate students on the basic principles of flight, aerodynamics, and lift. With 180 feet/ 55 meter range, and 10 minutes of flight time capability, PowerUp 3.0 is the first choice in flight.

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Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

The toilet time golf game that lets you practice your putting while going to the bathroom? Sure it sounds funny, but for the golfer that just can't get enough of the game, it's the perfect item? Makes the perfect gift for any golf fan of any age!

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Pot Planter - Hedgehog

The item is flower pot, which is able to serve as a fleshy shelf or storage box. It is a perfect decoration for your room,fairy garden or terrarium. It can be ideal to put there in office, home, shopping mart, hotel, bar, balcony garden, home gardening decorations.

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Public Toilet Survival Kit

You never know when you're going to encounter a public toilet with some cleanliness issues, so make sure you're prepared with this Public Toilet Survival Kit. Each kit includes one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves which should be enough to keep you safe and sanitary in even the most challenging conditions. Do yourself a favor and keep one of these 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) tall metal tins with you at all times when you travel. You'll thank us later.

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Rainy Day Reads - Book Lovers' Soy Candle

The only answer to dreary, drizzly days is to cozy up with a book, quilt, and hot cup of tea. This delightful blend of relaxing fragrances is the perfect companion for stormy weather. Stay home and read!

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Self Stirring Coffee Mug

All you need to do is pour in your coffee (or any other beverage for that matter) and then press a button. Does everything within seconds. Nice Feel, Great Look This premium self-stirring coffee mug looks great all the way, and feels even better on any kitchen ecosystem.        The power-on button is conveniently located at the top of the hold-handle, so you can easily turn the propeller on. When empty, the inside has an appealing, clean-silverish look, which blends with the dark exterior for an overly appealing design.

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Smart Water Bottle - Hidrate Spark 2.0

Hidrate Spark, allows you to trac your water intake connects via bluetooth to hydration app. Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch & more. Glows to remind you to stay hydrated!

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SleepPhones with Volume Control

The SoftSpeaker-2 has an in-line volume control built into the cord. You can use the wheel on the cord to control the volume coming through the speaker without having to adjust the volume on your radio or any other audio device. The SoftSpeaker-2 can sit right on your pillow, closer to your ear, so you can keep the volume where only you can hear it. To create the SoftSpeaker, we designed a high-quality pillow speaker and encased it in soft, padded foam and put it in a teddy-bear soft cover (which is removable and washable). It's so plush you can rest your ear right on it. Plug the speaker into the headphone jack of any radio, put it on your pillow and enjoy some of the highest music and voice fidelity available in a pillow speaker. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, privacy and quality. 

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Submark - Cool Yellow Submarine Bookmark (and a nice book with it)

Travel 20,000 leagues under the sea and into your book - this submarine bookmark will make sure you're still on the right page the next day, so you can just dive right back in.

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Sweat Activated Shirt | You Can Go Home Now (Men or Women)

  • SWEAT IN STYLE - Experience the new generation of fitness! This exceptional tank top is tailor-made for giving you energy and motivation to burn fat and lose more calories. As you workout intensely, tank top will display a funny design which is a sign that you have achieved your daily goal and time to relax.
  • SHOW EVERYONE HOW HARD YOU'RE WORKING OUT - After minutes or hours of running, walking, lifting, and squatting, your tank will gradually display 'You Can Go Home Now' design on your chest. Everyone in the gym will see this and feel inspired by your great performance, progress, and unique look.
  • MOTIVATION BOOSTER - What's more motivating than seeing results of your workout right away? Activewear with a hidden message is suitable for all kinds of high intensive sport - running, cardio circuit training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cycling, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, martial arts or much more.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - This sweat activated t-shirt is suitable for all sports and training. You can get one as a fun gift for your sparring partner, workout buddy or best friend. We've even seen it given as Christmas gift, Thanksgiving, Appreciation gift, and funny birthday present for loved ones who have a desire to get in shape.

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The Bladeless Fan And Desk Lamp

This is the two-in-one furniture accessory that combines a desktop lamp with a built-in bladeless fan. Using 64 LEDs and simple touch-activated controls, the lamp lets you adjust its color balance from a soft warm glow to a cool white illumination and set its intensity to one of four brightness levels. The integrated near-silent fan draws air from behind and produces a smooth, uninterrupted stream of air, at one of three speeds. The lamp’s adjustable neck tilts 45º to direct light exactly where it’s needed. With two USB ports for charging devices

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The Bibliophile's Book Lamp

This is the LED lamp that masquerades as a book. When closed, it fits on a shelf between the illuminating works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen, or Mark Twain. When opened, its wordless “pages” fan out like a paper lantern, and integrated LEDs provide 500 lumens that counter the darkness of Stoker, Shelley, and Poe. It’s crafted from laser cut wood with a pleated Tyvek interior that opens a full 360°. Includes leather strap for hanging, magnetic wooden pegs for mounting, and charging cord. Provides eight hours of light after a full charge via USB.

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The Corkers (with a nice bottle of wine next to it)

Create your personal spirit of fun totem! A total of 14 parts allows dozens and dozens of variations. Mix and match, use different corks, add the parts to a model doll...you'll find all kinds of creative combinations. Children and grown-ups alike will get a giggle popping parts onto corks, creating clever little creatures and crafting projects!Whether as a party game, stocking stuffer or the start of a crafts creation, everyone will have a charming time

Exercise your guest's, your children's or your own imagination, spark plenty of conversation, create bonding times, and make memories you'll treasure. Monkey Business is your accessory to fun.

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The Personalized Caricature Bobblehead

This is the personalized bobblehead novelty that portrays a friend or family member as a superhero, superheroine, supermodel, or just a sillier version of the original. Capturing the unique facial features of a subject, artisans sculpt a poly-resin model head from photographs you submit of your subject, recreating the subtle facial contours, eye, hair, skin, smile, and hair nuances that reflect his or her character. The bobblehead is matched to your choice of one of hundreds of body types that display your subject performing a variety of activities including feats of strength, posing for a glamour shot, and acting the fool. A proofing service provides the opportunity to preview the head-sculpting process to ensure that every detail provides an uncanny likeness. After placing your order, you will receive a gift card which must then be redeemed on the manufacturer’s website.

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The Prescription Coffee Mug

  • Perfect gag gift for your friends or loved ones
  • Don't settle for a cheap knockoff: The Big Mouth Inc. prescription mug is the original
  • A great gift for anyone that loves that caffeine boost
  • Holds up to 12 ounces of the world's best medicine - coffee

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Things to Do - Scratch Off Large Interactive Poster

Skratkz is a totally new range in interactive posters designed to inspire, motivate and reward.

Skratkz 101 range of posters offers a bucket list you can hang on the wall and mark off your progress though a range of ideas and activities ranging from the inspiring to the insane. First choose your topic area - there are 6 to choose from! - hang on your wall and take in the 101 ideas before you. As you complete each one, you can scratch it off to reveal a full color graphic below.

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Tilted Wine Glass Set (with a nice bottle of wine next to it)

These cool Tilted Wine Glasses have woozily bent stems, but have a base wide enough to keep them upright. Now why would you want slightly inebriated wine glasses? To be different when having a glass or two with friends, a unique conversation piece, or you could just switch someone's regular wine glass to one of these during a refill and then act like nothing's wrong. They come in a set of two.

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Umbrella with Cup Holder

Wouldn't It Be Great If You Could Enjoy Your Morning Coffee, Make Business Calls & Still Be Protected From The Rain?

Now you finally can stop juggling with your coffee, smartphone and car keys with the Urban Zoo ultimate inverted umbrella with a cupholder handle!

It's time to take multi-tasking to the next level with our innovative,inside-out windproof umbrella, the perfect accessory for every rainy day!

Multi-Tasking Has Never Been Easier!

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USB Fridge

1. Mini USB powered fridge with both cooling and heating functions.
2. Built-in green / red LED indicator, magnetic door catch.
3. Keep your beverage cool / warm to drink at your computer side.
4. Can hold a single can, easy installation, no driver required, plug and play.
5. USB powered - Plug & Play. No batteries required.

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    USB Power Heating Mouse Pad

    Mouse pad cable length:47 inches(120cm),The cable is power only,can not use for data transfer,the mouse needs to connect to an other USB port of the computer. 

    Why the heating pad mounted on the top of the warmer mouse pad and in contact with the back of the hand?

    If the heating pad is installed at the bottom of the mouse pad, we put the hand on the mouse when we use it,Only the bottom of the mouse touches the heating part, which will cause the mouse to be damaged and the hand will not feel warm. 

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    Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

    G’day Mate! Kangaroo is our Wonda from Down Unda because its pocket “pouch” is the perfect place for storing IDs, money or a key in your BPA-free water bottle. Whether hitting the weights on the floor or staying in place in spin class you’ll also love Kangaroo’s spill-proof technology and one-handed convenience. It's everything you need in a reusable water bottle!

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    Whoop Ass Hot Sauce Gift Set

    THE ONLY HOT SAUCE YOU'LL EVER NEED!: WHOOP ASS Premium Hot Sauce Gift Set adds an incredible layer of flavor to meat, seafood, eggs, poultry and much more! Discover how Whoop Ass hot sauce livens up your favorite dishes and can be inspirational to invent new recipes.

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    What Happened on the Day You Were Born?

    THE BIRTHDAY CHRONICLE lists What Happened the Month/Year You Were Born on a SINGLE SIDED Page Made to Look just like a Mini-Newspaper..Every date from January 01, 1900 to December 31, 2016 ONLY.Personalized and Suitable for framing!!! This is a GREAT Gift for Anyone ... The Birthday Chronicle has the Following: Historical Facts: A Personal Greeting from the President... News from Around the World for the YEAR of Birth... Academy Awards from that YEAR.... Top Music of that YEAR.. Consumer Prices from that YEAR... World Series Winners from that YEAR... List of Celebrities that Share the Same DAY of Birth... Chinese Celebrates Birth Year....And the NATIONAL AVERAGE of the Weather Forecast for that DAY... The ONLY Information that Can Be Changed is the NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH NOTHING ELSE..

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    Wind-up Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Well, it was inevitable. Passing the salt by hand just isn't efficient enough in a world of bullet trains, pizza delivery and broadband. Luckily, the condiments have now come to life!
    These Salt & Pepper Robots will waddle wherever you tell them to. Wind them up and, like mini Terminators, they'll march across the table to wage war on bland food.

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    Wine-Bottle Topper

    Candelabra Wine Bottle TopperBlack, Iron 11" Diameter x 5" Tall Priced and sold individually. Candles not included. Designed and manufactured by Park Designs.

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    Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands of Possible Combinations!

    This container of dice holds endless inspiration for every yoga lover! Seven wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses—seated, standing, balancing, twists, and more—that, when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels.

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    And there are plenty of more cool gifts like these in Gifteee employee gifts ideas collection


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