The Zero Fog Blaster

The Zero Fog Blaster

This is a wonderful toy filled with everything a kid warrior needs. It blasts fog to the distance (close distance), it “laser” has a light show and cool science fiction blasting sound (luckily you can turn it off if your kids over blast you).

My kids really love this toy and it gives them hours of fun and safe battles.

Get your own Zero Fog Blaster now

Optimus Prime

  • It blasts smoke! The closest and safest thing you can find instead of blasting fire…
  • Its safe.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has lights, sounds and yes again smoke!
  • The refill you get with it, lasts for many uses.


  • Before you can really start blasting, it needs a bit of warmup.
  • It’s a battery hog.
  • It will work best in a wind free area.

 Get your own Zero Fog Blaster now

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