The English Roses, by the singer Madonna!

The English Roses, by Madonna!

I never saw it coming, a series of children books and successful ones by the singer Madonna. Well that’s something worth knowing, and for the Madonna fans out there (like me) also something you absolutely have to read to your kids or give them to read, pending on their age ofcourse.

My 6yo daughter is currently reading our local version of her book “The English Roses” and so far so good :) so parents out there, even the ones who are not fans of Madonna, this successful book series is something to check out, start with the first book in the series “Friends for Life!

About the book:

Welcome to the world of the English Roses! Meet each of the English Roses — Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, Grace and Binah — and learn all of their vital statistics. From each girl’s full name, to her favorite pet, to her worst habits, this question-and-answer book will introduce readers to Madonna’s delightfully charming girls. The book has a section for each Rose, plus one for the reader to fill out, and features gorgeous highquality four-color art!

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