The Best Summerime Gifts for the Most Awesome Summer Vacation

The summer vacation brings countless holidays and reasons for celebration. With weddings, birthdays, and summer parties, there is always a need to find the perfect gift for your friends or family. This summer gift guide includes gifts for every age from toddlers, kids, teens to adults that can fit almost any occasion. Whether they are an love the outdoors BBQ or enjoy relaxing in the beach, we have the perfect gift ideas. Gift your hostess with a great gift, or a friend with thoughtful gifts a for their birthday. We came up with this great list of unique gifts to get some inspiration:


Flip Book Fan: A Breezy Little Book
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It is literally the ‘coolest’ book that you have ever come across. Simply flip through the pages to feel the refreshing breeze of a fan. Isn’t that something pretty amazing? Find it here!


Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite LED Fridge

    A fan of Star Wars? Do you know anyone who blurts out dialogues from Star Wars all the time casually? Then, don’t wait any longer to gift them with the ultimate summer gift. Your Star Wars crazy fans will be fully aware of how Han Solo was frozen into a block of Carbonite. This mini refrigerator of 12 liters has the potential of holding 18 cans of beverages for you. Don’t miss out on the epic red LED lighting on the front top handle. Find it here!


    Portable Air Conditioner

      The USB powered conditioner or air cooler is a small portable device which will allow you to carry the cold around with you. It will cool the temperature around you as if it was nature who was doing it. If you want to enjoy some chill during summer, then there is no better way to do so than this. The air you will breathe in will purified and humidified, which will make it suitable for breathing. It consumes a very small amount of energy and can be powered with the help of a laptop or power bank. Find it here!

      Backyard Water Park – 6 in 1

        Give your little ones the chance to enjoy on a hot summer day. Why do you need to go anywhere and pay huge sums of money when you can just bring home all the fun? Your private backyard can easily make room for this lightweight, portable, fun, and sturdy backyard water park. It comes with six different kinds of activities for people to enjoy. Assembling the water park is the easiest thing to do. Find it here!

        Inflatable Bumper Ball
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          Why would you miss out on the fun of flipping, rolling, bouncing, and bumping around? Play your favorite games with an added twist to it. It is very safe and convenient for anyone above the age of 8 to use. Makes a great birthday gift as well. Find it here!


          Air-Conditioned Clothes

            Have you ever worn clothes that has fans attached to it? Wondering whether we have lost our mind? Take a look at this amazing jacket which comes with two fans that operate on four different speed levels. This is exactly what you need for this summer. Find it here!


            Beach Behemoth – Giant Inflatable 12 – Foot Pole – to – Pole Beach Ball

              You will be amazed at the size of this (as the name suggests) Giant Beach Ball. It is twelve feet in measurement and stretches out from one pole to another. Despite the unbeatable size of the ball you can use it to play when you are out on the beach. Inflating it won’t be an issue either. Find it here!


              Sweat Activated Men’s Gym Shirt

                What better way to display your sweat other than this? Walk out of your training sessions with this exclusive and exceptional ‘My Fat is Crying’ t-shirt. The tailor made fit and unusual design will keep you motivated throughout the session to sweat more. Find it here!


                Beach Umbrella Table With Cup Holders

                  The durable, weather resistant, stable, and amazing umbrella table will add more convenience to your days out in the beach. It can easily fit on any kind of umbrella. You don’t even need to put in any effort for setting it up. Find it here!


                  Air Sofa – Quickly Inflatable Portable Couch

                    This lounge chair will add comfort and relaxation every time you are out. You don’t even have to pump in air. It can do that all by itself. The portable design and easy to use technology make it even more impressive. Don’t you think you need something as cool as this? Find it here!


                    USB Fridge

                      How about connecting a fridge to your PC? What are we talking about? This incredible USB port comes with a mini fridge attached to it which serves both heating and cooling purpose. Find it here!


                      Iced Coffee and Tea Brewing System

                        Feeling parched? How about a glass of iced latte, iced tea, or iced coffee right at home? Make your own refreshing drink this summer with this Iced Coffee and Tea Brewing System. Don’t forget to add some sweeteners, herbs, and lemon to make it taste more delectable. Find it here!


                        BBQ Branding Iron Set With Changeable Letters

                          How about having a BBQ that no one will ever forget? Serve the cooked barbeque meat with personalized names, messages or even jokes. This iron set comes with 55 letters and spaces. So, go ahead and brand your meat. Find it here!


                          Wham – o Slip N Slide Wave Rider
                            Image result for Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider 16'

                            The perfect solution to help your children cool down outdoors this summer. The thrill ride along with continuous sprays of water, is what your kids need every now and then this summer. Find it here!


                            Watermelon Camping Tent

                              Isn’t summer the best time to camp and enjoy the refreshment that watermelons bring? How about combining both of them together. The fun and exciting appearance of this camping tent makes for an amazing gift idea for kids. Though the appearance of it isn’t all that you are looking for. From being a waterproof tent that can easily hold three people to its intricate specifications which makes it so amazing. Find it here!


                              Motorized Rover RC Cooler

                              This gift idea is so appealing that you might want to have it all by yourself. Take a close look at the C3 Rover that works on remote control. Now, serving beverages and listening to your favorite tunes won’t be such big of a deal. It also comes with LED headlights, built in stereo, and has the potential to hold up to 30 cans. What else do you need to make the most of this summer? Find it here!


                              Climate Comfort For Beds

                                Can’t sleep? The hot weather keeps you up all night long? Well, not anymore. Bring home the cooling and heating device which will be connected to your bed and work on your commands. The use of biorhythm temperature control technology will help you enjoy a sound and deep sleep. Wake up every morning refreshed. Find it here!


                                Portable Solar Cooker

                                  Do you have a friend who is crazy about camping? Or loves to spend his or her days out in the sun exploring the world? This is the perfect gift for them. The portable solar cooker needs only twenty minutes to cook on sunny and cloudy days by trapping the ultraviolet rays of the sun that it no longer remains a problem to cook. Delicious and easily prepared food will be available in no time. Find it here!


                                  Sport – Brella XL Portable All – Weather and Sun Umbrella. 9 – Foot Canopy

                                    Don’t let the harsh rays of the sun or the untimely rain stop you from having the fun you deserve. The Sport – Brella XL will offer you with all the protection you need with its massive size and extra coverage. Find it here!


                                    Tiny Crowns Unicorn Sun Hat, UPF 50+ with Velcro chin strap

                                      What better way to fulfill your child’s desire to be a unicorn? Your little one can now gallop around in the beach wearing sparkly rainbow unicorn hat. Find it here!


                                      Disney Snow White Swim Top

                                      Do you want something a bit more attractive and unusual than the swim suits you have in possession? Well, this one is it. The entire Disney theme swim costume is just breathtaking. From the design to the color combination, and comfort it offers – this is the choice you should definitely go for. Find it here!


                                      Tire mounted steel camping table

                                        Make the most of the compact, portable, easy to use, and collapsible tire table. It is the perfect to take along with you when you are going on picnics, car camping, tailgating, and even traveling to different places. The table fits in perfectly on any tire and is very stable. Find it here!


                                        uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

                                        Who doesn’t love the taste of chilled beer down their throats on a hot, summer day? Well, everyone. But, some of our favorite breweries don’t sell beer sealed in a can or a bottle. This is the ideal solution to that problem of yours. Drink fresh chilled no matter where you are. Find it here!


                                        Sunnylife Beach Sound Portable Speakers / Radio

                                          Perfect way to add some entertainment and fun to your outdoor gatherings, picnic, and beach dates. All you have to do is plug in your music device, phone, or tablet. The bright vibrant color of the radio and its portable size makes it even more attractive. Find it here!


                                          Luxury Lace UV Umbrella
                                            Luxury Lace UV Umbrella-Luggage - - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

                                            Can be used on both summer and rainy days. It comes with layers of sunscreen fabric that will protect your skin. The strength and flexibility it offers is beyond any doubt unbeatable. Find it here!

                                            These cool gifts are some of the best things you can buy this summer to enjoy it to the fullest – see the entire collection.

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