Quest Micro Rocket

Quest Micro Rocket

With Quest Micro Rockets you enjoy the thrilling experience of model rocketry in a small yard!

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These Ready-to-Fly micro-sized rockets require only a 50 foot diameter launch site and reach a maximum altitude of 75 feet! Designed for backyard fun- you won’t lose these micros the first time you launch them.

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Featuring the powerful Micro Maxx motor, maximum altitude is 75 feet and the streamer recovery method insures that they land nearby!


The starter set includes 1 RTF Critcal Mass Micro Roc with streamer recovery system, 3 Micro Maxx motors with MMX-G2 igniters, Launch Pad, and Q2 Launch Controller. The only extra to buy is a 9 volt battery for the Launch Controller (sold separately).

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