Musical Marble Run

Musical Marble Run

Xyloba is one of my recent purchases, I bought it for my youngest kid (4yo birthday). It’s a combination between a marble run game and a xylophone.

  • Its a marble run game, my kid love those type of games and seriously who doesn’t?!?
  • It’s a xylophone, so I knew I got a good educational reasoning to present before my wife before I purchased it.
  • The combination of those two features is a brilliant one, which makes it a classic “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” thingy.
  • There is also an expansion pack of experimental balls to experiment with the different sound each ball creates (Science too!), but I didn’t get them yet so i’ll report on it later :)


  • It isn’t cheap, but on the other hand it looks like it was built to last.
  • You can compose music or play tunes with it, but it requires a bit of a practice.

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