Unique Ideas for April Fools Day - (Gag Gifts and Prank Gifts for Everyone)


For this year April Fools Day (April 1st) we created this collection of the funniest gift ideas that you can buy on Amazon or Etsy. These gifts will guarantee a huge smile from your family or friends. A great gag gift for the office colleagues, or a prank birthday gift for your friends will make all the difference between a boring gift idea to a gift you will talk about in years to come. So check out this list of funny gifts and feel free to send us suggestions of other hilarious gifts that you encounter, we will love to add them to this gift list.



How do you feel the next morning after getting drunk the previous night? Do you remember the things you did while you were drunk? Which strange feelings are you having?  What, where, how, which this cookbook is going to provide answers to all your questions on a hangover.

This book contains one hundred and twenty-eight (128) pages, it was written by Milton Crawford, and published by Clarkson Potter Publishers, it has got everything you need to know about hangover in it, it gives you a deep insight into how to assess, understand and improve a headache with numerous comforting recipes and a clear graphic test for assessing.  The book is filled with a lot of riposte, jokes, which makes it very hilarious; it has also got quizzes for tracking your progress.


This premium ceramic mug has got an 11 oz. Coffee capacity; it is blank on the outside and looks very fancy and amazing. But after finishing the drink in it, if you’re not calm enough, you’d force yourself to throw-up. This is because the mug has a hilarious inscription at its bottom. The bottom of this mug carries the inscription ‘You’ve just been poisoned’ which can get you flagger blasted after seeing it. It is hilarious and funny and also a good way to prank your buddies. The mug is made for right-handed drinkers, and it can be used as a nice birthday gift or any anniversary of your choice.



By merely looking at the outward appearance of this canned unicorn meat, you’d be salivating about how tender, sweet and nourishing this 5.5 ounce of canned meat would be. The can is also very easy to open, meaning there’s no impediment to you savoring this tasty delight.  Well enough of describing how a stuffed plush toy in the form of cut-up unicorn would have been if it was real. It surely wouldn’t have fallen short of these features.

The canned unicorn is a perfect and hilarious prank you can ever play on an unsuspecting friend or close associate of yours. Watching their comical face as they see a stuffed plush toy instead of an awesome, unbelievable edible cut-up unicorn meat will surely give you a great burst of laughter and the comical relief you desire.

The canned unicorn is a perfect and hilarious prank you can ever play on an unsuspecting friend or close associate of yours. Watching their comical face as they see a stuffed plush toy instead of an awesome, unbelievable edible cut-up unicorn meat will surely give you a great burst of laughter and the comical relief you desire.


Showering your loved ones with gifts can put smiles on their faces and bliss in their hearts. It’s certainly a way of spreading love and strengthening bonds. Gifting them with funny gift items like this hilarious coffee mug goes beyond just putting a smile on their faces; it cracks them up to the ribs.  What other perfect way is there to etch your name in their heart if not by giving them gifts that bring humor to their life. This way you make them happy, and every time they feel delighted they remember the name of the one who bought them this source of happiness.

The coffee mug can hold up to 12 ounces of what is regarded as the best medicine in the world (coffee) but surely what makes it hilarious isn’t its capacity. It is the extremely comical medical prescription writing on the mug. This prescription tells you how to use your medicine (coffee) daily. Words can explain this awesome coffee mug, click on the above link and find out more about it, be sure to get one for your loved ones.


How about lightening up your mood with a burst of rib cracking laughter every time you check your calendar? The awkward family photo day-day calendar would bring you nothing less of this. It is a fully colored hardcover calendar which has got the collections of the most hilarious, absurd, and very uncomfortable family photo ever captured on a film. From outrageous outfits, bizarre hairstyles to inexplicable pose. This calendar is sure to make you laugh away your sorrow each time you look at it; it has also got some extra daily content like puzzles, jokes, and quotes, etc. Getting one for your office or home won’t be a bad idea at all.


Have you ever been in a situation whereby you ran out of excuse for something you did? This might be quite embarrassing, but you need to worry less. The hilarious Engineering excuse dice is here for you.  This comical has got three different dice each different performing functions, one of the dice provides you with the problem, another gives a reason for the problem, and the last one tells how to fix this problem.

What this means is that a die is fixed with different types of problems on its six sides, another is fixed with the reasons for this problem on its six sides also, and the third die has got the solutions to all the issues on its six sides too. All you have to do is roll our die; you’d get your problem, the reason and how to solve it. It is hilarious I tell you.


Get your party more interesting by adding new things apart from the entertainment and excitement from foods, drinks, and music only. Adding little games can add a new dimension of fun to your party, but you won’t want to add a time-consuming game too. To solve all these problems, Deadpool vs. the world game gives you a perfect solution.

This game can be played by a minimum of 3 people, it can last up to 30-45 minutes maximum, and it is hilarious. To play this game one needs to fill in blanks on caption cards (included in the game pack), the player who best describes describing Deadpool’s compromising situation with the words she fills in the blank wins the game. You can click on the above link to find out more about this game and order one for yourself.


With this box you can keep your kid busy and stop him or her from whining and disarranging the whole house, you can also prank people with it, by placing it in a conspicuous place probably on your office desk or anywhere you know it would attract people’s attention.

This wooden rectangular box is probably one of the silliest if not the silliest science kit you will ever fall in love with; it has got a little finger that pops up to turn the box off every time you flip the switch on. This means once you flip the switch on, it immediately automatically turn itself off, making it extremely useless to you.


What is more hilarious than you being asked to do something and you give a savage response by pointing to the inscription on your cloth, your savage victim would be like ‘OMG! WTF! Really’ the shock would be clearly written over his or her face but you’d better choose who and when to do this carefully.

This classic one hundred percent (100%) cotton T-shirt has got top qualities, great ink printing; it can also be machine washed cold inside out or tumble dry. It has got great size fit features also, all around awesomeness.


The extremely unofficial and unauthorized Star wars Kama Sutra is a book written mainly for adults, particularly star wars fans. The content of this book is so hilarious. It is sure to make your blow off your worries and get an excellent laughing moment.  With its twisted sense of humor, this book is a comical parody for all the star wars characters.

The book contains hilarious details of how the characters engage in all manners of absurd sexual positions and stimulations, given a graphic rib cracking description of this act. A little warning the various position discussed in this book is not physically achievable; they are just for comical relief and excitement.


I Paused My Game to Be Here Shirt-shirt - www.Gifteee.com - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

We sure do have a hobby which is always hard for us to get off, either playing video games, writing, swimming, whatever the activity may be, we so much enjoy it that we don’t know when time passes by. So imagine getting off your favorite hobby to attend a party or any function of a sort, and you’re not getting the right treatment you deserve, you’d surely pull give them a piece of your mind. To avoid that, why not give them a head start with your I PAUSED MY GAME TO BE HERE T-SHIRT for them to know how important you took their function and how important you should be taken too.

Jokes aside, this T-shirt has got fantastic features; it is made of quality materials, and top-notch ink for its draw and screen printing, it is unisex and fits about any size. This is undoubtedly a fantastic gift to gift your loved ones either for birthdays, casual gifting or any anniversary.


Throwing a birthday bash for your kid, you’ve got to think about how to make it both entertaining and educative.  While the merriment is not lacking, some educative aspect too should be added to make it a perfect blend of edutainment. The monopoly board for millennial game board can give you what you want exactly; this game is great for parties and social gatherings. Adults can also join in to play. Unlike the regular monopoly game where the player with the highest money wins; this monopoly is more about collecting experience point by visiting cool destinations. The player with the highest experience point wins.

This game also allows players to interact with one another through relatable chance and community card. The pack of this game comes with the game board, 2 dice, 16 destinations, chance, and community card chess appease, 64 experience card and also money card.


Pranking is fun when it goes well, it quite hilarious making a fool out of someone. This prank pack has got two features in one; it gives you the avenue to play a prank on someone and surprise the person simultaneously.

On the outside, the pack appears to contain a bizarre toilet wipe from one ridiculous company, which could make someone go nut, while some would try their possible best to remain as grateful as they can invent it at that moment. Immediately they open the prank pack they would be met by a bright yellow flap telling them they’ve been pranked, they’d still be in confusion until they see the real gift inside. Then you see them burst in laughter and those that’d went berserk before opening would start apologizing frantically. The pack is hilarious, and various types of gifts can be kept there.


The Drunk stoned and stupid game is an awesome party game that helps you add another unique dimension of fun to your get –together party, from its name you should have an insight into how hilarious this game is. This game can be played by more than 10 people at once, the more players, the better. Each round, a card is drawn from 250 prompt cards; the group decides whoever got to do what is written on any card is drawn. A person declares himself the judge, and it’s this judge that has the final say on who should carry out this activity, after so much accusation must have been made by the group based on personality, traits, past story or anything at all. The person who carries out this activity holds the card. This keeps going on and on. There are no winners in this game, just loser and anybody having up to 7 cards lose already. Sounds stupid right? Check out the name again.


After a hectic week day of work, it is quite important to spend quality time with the family especially the kids on weekends. This Pie face showdown game brings friends and family closer for a lot of laughing moments. How do you feel when you see your kid or wives face covered in pie, like bursting into laughter right? So what if it was your face? This is the kind of excitement this game brings to you.

To play, the players load the arm of the kit with whipped cream (which is usually not included) or the wet the sponge in the kit with water, after which they place their face on the rest. At the count of 3, they both hit the big red button closest to them on the game kit and try to move the pie throwing arm towards their opponent, when the arm gets closer it springs up and Oops! You surely do know what happens next.

CLUE – Lost in Vegas

Games are fun, but hilarious games are even more fun.  This is what prompted the making of this parody version of the classic game ‘CLUE,’ this game brings a funny adult twist to the previous version of CLUE. It can be played at parties, at home or any relaxation place, requiring the minimum of two and maximum of six players to play.

The plot of this game like every other adventure game is quite interesting. It involves finding out the last person to meet a friend of yours who went missing during a reunion trip in Vegas, where they were and what they were doing. To get all this, you will need to keep unraveling some mysteries by finding a clue to help you in your investigation. If you want to know more or purchase this game, you surely know what to do.



This Cambridge women’s pornography co-operative book is sure to throw any woman into a world of fantasy, fun, and humor. This might be that perfect gift you’ve been finding to buy for her. This book contains wonderful and gorgeous parental guidance (PG) Photos of scantily nude men cooking, listening, and asking for directions. It contains pictures of men doing what men finds hard to do here in the real world. With steamy captions like ‘I will clean the house for you don’t stress yourself,’ “Why should you do the laundries dear when I’ve got hands?” and other words that could make a woman’s heart melt like a candle thrown in a raging fire.



Here is another prank pack that allows you hide the real gift and makes whoever you ’re gifting it to think that it is one pack of bizarre Earwax candle kit you’re handing over to him or her. This is a perfect way of pranking someone without the person knowing, not until he/she opens the pack and see the yellow flip saying “You have Just been pranked” I bet the person wouldn’t even understand until he or she finds the real valuable gift inside. This prank pack can also serve as an excellent camouflage to transport your valuables without risk of theft; no thief would want to steal a pack of earwax candle that would be hilarious.


Competition for being the best prankster is quite a normal thing in every family, every member keeps playing one or two tricks on each other to get this tittle, but it is sometimes unfortunate that even after meticulously planning your prank, it doesn’t work out as you wanted it to.

This should be no problem for you again, as the ultimate prank kit can make you the greatest prankster your community, not your family alone this time has ever known. This prank kit has got over 16 different pranks with the materials to aid you in doing it. From a 6 inch whoopee cushion which makes a fart sound to a fake rubber cockroach, blood capsules that make you bring out fake blood, to disappearing inks and so much more. You don’t need to be informed about the awesomeness of this kit, get one for yourself.


Have got the need to play a prank on your friends and make the freak out so bad? This might just be the perfect device you’re looking for to hatch your plan. This device can type on a computer and move the mouse cursor based on pre-programmed settings and movement, anyone who sees this would lose his mind think his/her computer has been hacked or it’s malfunctioning. There is no special software required to use this device; just Caps lock after you must connect it and read the manual to reconfigure all modes. For more directions on how to use this device, google ‘Computa pranksta user manual’ it will give you more insight on this device. Be warned; you’re responsible for your use of this device and any consequences it brings.


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