How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party that Your Guests Will Swoon Over

How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party that Your Guests Will Swoon Over 

There are no two views about the fact that birthdays are a great deal to kids. Nothing pleases your child more than the moment when he/she blows candles, and the chorus erupts into that proverbial birthday jingle.

Birthday is the occasion when your kid gets all the attention along with a plethora of gifts. The memories remain so entrenched in their minds that even days after the birthday celebrations, the excitement doesn’t seem to slow down – in fact, they talk about it all year long.

As a parent, you want to make your kid’s birthday enjoyable and special. This is the occasion when you make them feel like kings or queens so that they can remember it for a long time to come.

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If you want to throw a memorable birthday party for your child, here are some good tips:

1. Choose a perfect venue

The first and foremost element in the planning checklist is the venue of the party. The venue is critical in making the party a successful event. Whatever venue is on your mind for the celebration, just focus on three things: what its location is so that people face no problems reaching there; how much space does it have so that the invitees can comfortably sit, enjoy and eat; and what facilities does it offer. Plus, you should always be wary of hidden costs. It is always a delicate balance to find a birthday party venue that kids love and parents don’t hate.

If you are tight on your budget, then a house party would be better for you. In that case, you have to take into consideration how much space is there for all your guests so they can enjoy comfortably. In the event of shortage of space, your community centre or the local park are the best places for the birthday bash. You can hire them on a cheap price.


2. Pick a theme that captivates

To make the party livelier and more engaging, introducing a theme is a nice idea. A clever theme allows your guests to slip into another world, especially the kids will simply love it. Moreover, you will feel comfortable with a theme around which you can organize invitations, decorations, games, crafts, and food. However, it’s the interest of the birthday kid based on which the theme should be picked. The following are some birthday party theme ideas:

  • Avengers theme: As you know the team of Avengers is full of energy and powers. So what if that vibrancy and spark come to the party venue? With their favourite characters and costumes, the kids will be ready to pack a punch.
  • Carnival theme: A carnival adventure is an unforgettable experience for everyone from the young to the young at heart. Now you can bring all the excitement and amusement to your party. Add in some DIY ideas and your guests won't want to miss it.
  • Halloween theme: Halloween may only be one day, but that doesn't mean the spooky and fun aspects of it can't still be celebrated all year round. Once again, let them say – trick r’ treat?
  • Disneyland theme: Unsurprisingly, Disneyland is the ultimate travel destination for every kid. So recreate the magic of Disneyland at your party.

3. Guest list and invitations 

Once you have thought through the party venue and theme, you already have a good idea as to who will be your guests and how many you can accommodate. It may seem like a simple starting point, but there are enough things to consider. Are you going to invite every kid in your child's class or just a few friends? What about the neighbour kids? It is natural that their parents will accompany them, so do you want both the parents to come or just one? All these questions will help you create a guest list and thereafter you can keep track of RSVPs. Don’t over-invite, but at the same time, plan to comfortably fill the space you’ve designated for the event.

After you are done with the guest list, it’s time to send them invitations. Make sure to let them know at least two weeks earlier to the event. You can create DIY invitations so that they will feel the essence of your party. Important information on the invites should include the date, time and venue. Also, tell them what to bring with them as per the theme.


4. Get creative with your decorations 

The ambience of the venue is the key in setting the tone of the party. So a great decorative touch will bring life into your party. Once you've chosen a theme, use a little creativity to set the scene. You can use a bit of DIY work to get the festivities started off on the right foot. Balloons are always a winner and having themed table cloths, party plates, cups and serviettes will set the scene for a fun birthday party. Dress up your mantel with a colourful paper garland—it will take some time to make, but it's definitely cost-effective. Don’t leave the birthday candles boring and bare. Embellish them with glitter and jewels. Furthermore, a tissue paper confetti will be the foundation for an awesome punch-packing backdrop. 


5. Delectable food will win the hearts of guests 

Without food and beverages, no one can imagine a party. Make sure that there is everything for everyone. The cake, cupcakes and ice cream are usually the focus point of every child’s birthday party. You have to ensure that everyone gets these items. Ordering a few pizzas takes care of the main course, but think about including fruit, nuts, cheese, crackers, or popcorn for snacking. You can also try these mini cheeseburgers for an instant crowd pleaser. As for the adults, you can arrange drinks and cocktails for them. Make food presentation fun and add a spark to the dining area with personalized water bottle labels that depict the essence of your heartily celebration. That way every guest will enjoy your hospitality. Also, try to avoid food and drink allergy mishaps, for that you can ask dietary restrictions of your invitees.


6. Organize games and activities 

All of your guests are coming to the party to have fun and entertainment, otherwise what’s the point in socializing? It’s natural that every guest may not be knowing every other guest. So it’s time to break the ice and let them come together and enjoy. Since most of your guests might be kids, so it’s important to have something for them to do. If you choose a restaurant as a venue make sure it is a kid friendly restaurant with a good play area. Therefore, the games that are played form a pivotal part in the direction in which the party is headed. Some of the most common and adorable party games for kids are: Pass the Parcel; Duck, Duck, Goose; Treasure Hunt, The Chocolate Game, Scavenger Hunt, Doughnut Challenge, Musical Statues, etc.

Final Thoughts

Birthdays are very special for kids. An awesome birthday party for every child entails prizes, games, fun, food, and being super active. From gifts to excitement to memories, a kid’s birthday party is definite mood elevator, whereas it’s an occasion for parents to shower their blessings on their children.

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