Haunted Mansion Portrait T-Shirt

Haunted Mansion Portrait T-Shirt

Another cool item by Digital Dudz, it’s not exactly a costume but usually is, I would refer to it more like an enhanced outfit, in this case a t-shirt.

They have a variety of enhanced t-shirts, but my favorite one, is the “Haunted Mansion Portrait” t-shirt, I love just love the concept of it. This T-shirt is a cool example of the combination between 3 worlds, the physical, the digital and the spiritual…


  • It brings a wow factor anywhere you go with it.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Its not too expensive.
  • Quality is rather good. They are still in good condition, after the time that passed and the abuse they suffered.
  • Their app has a variety of elements that you can play with and use with your own custom.


  • You won’t be able to use your mobile phone while using the custom…
  • Because the custom mobile phone settings are made to fit almost any mobile phone, it doesn’t always sits perfectly in its designated location, and you’ll need to play with it a bit.

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