Find the Perfect Gift for Teen Girls (yes there is such a thing...)


Finding a gift for a teenager is hard, finding a gift for a teenage girl is almost impossible, unless you go for the obvious and boring - the same old regular jewelry or dress, it could work, but she can get these things for herself and with a much better fit to her taste...

In this list of gift ideas for teen girls we gathered some unique gift ideas that will get her to light up when she gets it. You will find here gifts perfect for your daughter, granddaughter or for your girlfriend. These cool gifts are great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or just if you have a loved one who is looking for a special thing such a one of a kind gift, that will show how much you care about her.




This short sleeve, crew neck feminine tee is awesome. It is an excellent gift for birthdays or Valentine. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and can be easily maintained. The t-shirt comes with an inscription "I'm not arguing, I just explain why I'm right!!" which was applied by industrial heat on it, this makes it very durable and ensure it doesn't peel off after washing. The t-shirt comes in different sizes for everyone. 

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Females love jewelry; as such there should be a safe place to keep their tons of ornaments. Before we go further, a little warning you should stick to is that don't gift this to anyone if you aren't ready to buy the required jewelry to fill it up. This beautiful jewelry box is made with oak wood, an antique brass tone drawer and a drawer pull, a ring roll closet with etched glass door. All this physical appearance makes it as beautiful as the jewelry it will contain. The box is made in China and can include as many ornaments as possible. This box isn't only for teens; it is perfect for your spouse also. 

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Erika Stalder writes this book, the 208 pages book contains details information about how to make your high school life fun, memorable, educating, useful, and whatsoever you desire it to be. The book touches every aspect of life from creativity too social life, to academics and so on. It contains 97 steps on how to live a productive high school life. These 97 things are grouped under nine categories part of which are stuff you should do with/ for family, with/for friends, for your body, for personal development and so on. It is a perfect gift for your kid who just entered high school, as it would be successful guides her on how to balance her social and academic life without displeasing her parents. 

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A necklace is an excellent gift for a female, but a chain with her name customized on it is the best gift you can ever give her. Females affinity for jewelry is high, particularly the one that has their name inscribed on it. They would love to flaunt it at every chance they get. This personalized necklace is made with sterling silver a quality jewelry making material. It is a perfect gift to give your daughter as she clocks teen; it is also an ideal gift for birthdays and valentines. Every teenager or even adults would be excited about this customized name choker necklace. 

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"Together forever will you be mine" it is not enough to say these words with mouth alone, this necklace correctly indicates that. The necklace comes with an interlocking circle which shows a great bond between two people, whether mother and daughter, lovers, father and daughter, sisters and so on. The necklace makes a perfect gift for mother's day anniversary, your daughter's birthday or any special someone in your life. It is made with sterling silver which is a durable jewel-making material, it causes no skin reaction, and it doesn't break at all. 

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The red flower necklace is a unique gift for your daughter as a birthday or graduation present. It can also be gifted to adults like your wife, girlfriend or any female that matters to you. What makes this necklace unique and stand out is its pendant, it is made of real flowers sealed shut in a glass. The flowers are dried to preserve and ensure they remain as beautiful as ever. It is entirely necessary to know that trying to force open the glass pendant to get the flowers or touch it would damage the necklace. The necklace would perfectly suit anyone, and it can be worn to any occasion. 

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Getting the book light for your daughter is a way of enhancing her reading. It makes her read anytime and anywhere. The book light comes with a convenient clip which makes it easy for you to hang on a book cover; it also has a digital timer that allows you time your reading hours. This device also comes with an alarm that signals when your reading time is elapsed; it switches off the light automatically once the time is reached. The features of this device are one of a kind, and it makes reading very easy and less stressful. Don't bother finding the secrets behind your friend's daughter academic excellence; it is staring at you right here. 

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The control heated jacket is a perfect winter gift. The jacket comes with a detachable hood which protects you on cold mornings and stormy days. It is water and windproof, and it's also slim fit designed to fit everyone perfectly. The main jacket feature is to generate heat during cold, and it does this across the entire core of the body. It has three heat setting (the high, low and medium) which you can control with just a simple press of the button. The heat setting regulates the degree of heat it generates; it also has a USB port which can be used to charge a mobile device or any other smartphone. The 7.4 C.E battery of this jacket makes it last for a duration of about 8-working hours. It also easies to maintained because it is machine washable. 

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THE DRIVING BOOK: Everything New drivers need to know but don't ask about  

Karen Gravelle writes this book as a guide for new drivers. It covers some issues they might face that wasn't thought in their driving school and those that their driving test couldn't cover. The book contains things like how to change a tire, what to do when your car breaks down on the highway and some other things which can never be covered in your driving school. Getting this for your kids and ensuring they learn it content gives you that assurance that they can take care of any problem that arises, and for those that are yet to pass their driving test, it gives them more knowledge and makes them fully prepared. 

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This kit brings out the creative side of your kids when it comes to making music. It comes with over 12 in-app activities which help develop the creative side of your kids; it helps them build fun musical inventions like a Rocking synth guitar or air drum. It helps your kids gain lifelong skills like curiosity to learn new things, courage to be creative, and perseverance, when learning process, seems hard. It is gender neutral and serves as a perfect birthday gift for your kids. 

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These panties are made from organic textile standard certified cotton which makes it very safe to use, unlike other polyester panties. It is specially designed for days with the heavy menstrual flow; it provides extra protection against leakage and overflow from pad usage.  It is soft, lightweight and offers extra protection during bedtime. It can be used together with pant liners, menstrual cups or pad. It comes in a pink package box and serves as an excellent gift for your girl(s).  

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This device helps you keep track of health. It keeps track of your heartbeat, sleeping pattern, monthly circle, amount of distanced walked, etc. it can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and its coin cell battery lasts for 6 months, this ensures you can keep track of your health for 24 hours non-stop every day, and you don't need to charge it. It also helps you cope with stress through its built-in breathing exercises. It is excellent for your loved ones. 

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The harry porter coding kit is a fantastic kit to have; it helps you build a wand, learn to code and do magic! The kit comes with everything needed to create a wand that can respond to your movement. It has also got over 70 step-by-step creative challenges which help you learn to code, and also enable you to make feather fly, make goblet multiply, make pumpkin glow, etc. all you need to do after coding is to wave the wand you built and you'll see an instant effect on your screen. It is a kit that helps enhance your kid's intellects and still give them unlimited fun. 

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The wearable nail polish handler makes the painting of your nails neat and non-messy. It gives you ease in painting your nails yourself. It is made with silicone rubber which ensures it fit almost any finger; it is also uniquely designed and very flexible. The polish handler doesn't come with the polish, but it is beneficial when it comes to painting your fingers yourself. It is a good gift for your teen daughter. It can also be a good valentine gift to your girlfriend. 

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The security alarm is a gift item that can help you keep your kids safe. It comes in handy in times of emergencies when you have to scream for help. It is useful for both adults and kids and can be attached to bags, belts, and key chain or worn around the neck. It includes carabineer and lanyard which allows it gets connected to these things easily. To sound the alarm, you pull the top of this device it would produce a deafening 130 decibels alarm, which would only stop when the lid is capped back. The alarm should only be used in times of emergency because the sound is loud that it can deafen someone. Kids should be well orientated about the use of this device before giving them. It has a total lifetime usage of 30 minutes, it can be re-used again, but the battery is not replaceable. 

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The mini MacBook mirror is a funny gift to gift your friend or sister on her birthday. The mirror has the appearance of a mini MacBook with keyboards, but it is only a make-up mirror and has no laptop function. It is lovely and portable enough to be carried all around 

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This touchscreen smartwatch would make a great birthday gift for your daughter. As a boyfriend or fiancée, it could also be a perfect valentine gift. You can customize it face and band to suit your taste, it displays smartphone notification, and it's compatible with Android and iPhone. It has 24 hours battery life which makes it functionality last for long 

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The solar system bracelet is a uniquely designed wrist bead; it of its bead comes with different colors and sizes which represent each planet in the solar system. This makes your wrist the sun which other planets revolve around. It comes in two styles, an elastic string or braided wax ropes. There are eight stones on this bracelet; each color represents a planet; the blue represents earth, the white jade represent mercury and so on. It is a beautiful gift to give your friend, sister, cousin or any other person dear to you.  

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LIES MY TEACHERS TOLD ME: Everything your American history textbook got wrong 

This 486 pages book by James W.Loen gives a vivid description of American history and what most other history books failed to tell us. The book has won several awards till inception; it talks about diverse things in America history like the Lai massacre, 9/11, Iraq war, and so on. The book provides a constructive, well detailed, critique of existing history books; it highlights their shortcomings and retells America history as it should be. 

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This Ponytail cap makes it possible for girls to put on a face cap without having issues with their hair. It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it is one size fit, and its hook and loop fastener makes it adjustable to the desired size. The slot on the cap makes it easy to wear with a ponytail; it provides shade from the sun and keeps the hair tidy. It is a good gift for your friend, girlfriend, cousin, daughter and any other person dear to you. 

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This game is strictly for the ages of 18 and above; 6-14 players play it. It is an all-female game which involves finding a suspect of a murder that occurs in the game. The host can also pertain in this game; it comes with 14 question menus, 14 whodunit cards, 14 character sheets, and four evidence sheets; all this gives you a clue to catch the suspect. 

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The dollhouse kit contains high-quality materials, furniture, and other wooden pieces. It also has led light, plants, ornaments and so on. It has a unique design and can be easily assembled due to its manual and the number on the parts. The dollhouse is dustproof, and it also has a music movement. More details about this kit are contained in the link below.  

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This tank top helps you show off your hard work of working out. The sweat from your actions out brings out the hidden design of "100% work out complete); this shows you're done with your work out. It is soft and has a lightweight, it can be machine wash cold, and should be washed inside out with mild detergent. It can be tumble dry but hang dry is more preferable. It is an excellent gift for any female. 

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The bean bag seat is very comfortable; it is big enough to have you and your friend on it while watching the movie. The bean bag never loses its shape, and it is covered in a soft microfiber maker. Its removable cover can be machine wash; it is resistant to stains and discoloration. This makes it last long and very durable. 

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This spray is an excellent gift to give your daughter, girlfriend, or any female dear to you. It has an ornamental floral fragrance and a push-pull technology. It is built of three main accords, the dark which includes the poisonous flower Belladonna and incense, the sensual which Includes honey drops, saffron and apricot, and the light accord which consists of the sambac jasmine and tiger orchid. Give your daughter, friend or sister this and watch them turn heads with the pleasant fragrance oozing out of their body. 

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