Find Amazing Science and Exploration Gifts for Kids - it's Educational and Fun!

You want the best for your kids, you want them to explore the world, experiment and learn as they go. The kinds of gift to get your kids should be both fun-filled and educational as well. It should bring out their creative side and also help them develop their intellectual ability.

So I must admit as a father this list has the best gift ideas in Gifteee, they are amazing gifts to buy your son or daughter for Christmas or for their class mates birthdays, there is only gain here, and the best part is that you can totaly enjoy doing these experiments and exploration with them.

This reason is why we came up with a compilation of excellent science and educational gifts. Below is the list of these items: 



This awesome rocks can be broken open to discover high-quality crystals; it comes with a display stand, which you can use to display the crystals you find within the rock, it can also be used to start a rock collection. The geodes also come with safety goggles to prevent dust particles from entering the eyes when you're breaking the geodes. The package also includes a full-color learning guide which contains amazing facts about geodes. It is a very educative and fun-filled toy for kids. 




Carbon Dioxide Rocket Kit - Gifteee - Unique Gift Ideas for Adults & Kids of all ages. The Best Birthday Gifts & Christmas Gifts.

This rocket kit contains necessary materials for building 17in rocket that can fly as high as 100ft. It is easy to assemble and it’s powered by carbon dioxide gas generated from the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. It is suitable for use for kids over nine years of age under strict adult supervision. You can adjust the power of the chemical reaction that powers the rocket for young flyers and advanced rocket pilots. It comes with bottles, balsa wood, tubing, and template and so on. 



This kit contains ingredients and tools you need to produce soap at the comfort of your home. It is suitable for use from age six and above; this means it's not intended for adults only; kids can also take part in the soap making. With the kit, you can make up to 16 organic soaps. All you need to do is melt the bar of glycerin soap (included in the kit), add your oil for sweet fragrance and pour into a mound. In about an hour, the soap is ready for use. One needs not to worry about kids consuming this soap, because it is non-toxic, and it's safe enough to eat because it is made of 100% natural organic ingredients. 




This is another fantastic kit that allows you to produce products in the comfort of your home. The kit helps you make bubble gum with various varieties of amazing flavors like raspberry, extreme mint vanilla and so on. Nineteen different flavors can be created with this kit; it comes with everything you need for the making of bubble gum like corn syrup, gum base, and so on. It is suitable for use from the age of eight and above. It is a perfect gift to bring out the productive side of your kids as well as give them undiluted fun. 




This kit brings out the creative side of your kids when it comes to making music. It comes with over 12 in-app activities which help develop the creative side of your kids; it helps them build fun musical inventions like a Rocking synth guitar or air drum. It helps your kids gain lifelong skills like curiosity to learn new things, courage to be creative, and perseverance, when learning process, seems hard. It is gender neutral and serves as a perfect birthday gift for your kids. 



This 144 pages book by John Miller about the Minecraft game gives detailed insight into what Minecraft is all about. He starts by brushing up on common Minecraft languages and also explains the four different modes of the game which includes the survival, creative, adventure, and spectator. You can access more details and information about this gift item in the link below. 




This kit contains different materials you need to perform seven different crystal growth experiments. It has an excellent display case which makes you admire the crystals once they are fully grown. It is suitable for kids from the age of 10 years and above. It is a beautiful gift to give kids; it helps develop their commitment towards things. 




This kit allows kids from the age of eight and above to perform exciting S.T.E.M (Science and Technology, Engineering, Math) experiments. It comes with all the materials they need to conduct 25 different experiments like making a rocket from chemical reaction or balloon, making a fizzy bomb, color explosion and many more. Its fact-filled color lab guide makes the use of this kit very educative, entertaining and easy. 



MINI MUSEUM (Science and history collection) 

This mini museum contains 160 pages of fully detailed 29 incredible specimens. These specimens date back as old as hundred millions of years ago, pictures and detailed information about each sample is contained in this book. Some of the specimen recorded in this book includes Old earth, space gem, the great oxygen event, and many more. The mini-museum also contains display features and a storage box. 




The snap circuit kit helps to develop the creative side of your kids. The kit contains an easy to follow instructions which guide the kids in creating working circuit boards, and also clear and concise illustrated projects. It includes 30 different components which are numbered and also colored for identification purpose. This component allows users to perform over 100 different experiments with this kit, part of which includes creating flying saucer, light police siren, voice-controlled lamp, musical doorbell and so on. It is a high intellect-enhancing kid for kids.  




The mini Tesla's coil comes with no manual or guide, all you need is to plug it and start performing its function. It uses a 220v/110v AC power supply. More information about the age restriction, features, and functionality of this item can be accessed in the link below. 




The droid inventor kit helps kids get more creative; it helps them try their hands on inventing a new droid and given it their preferred personality. The kit comes with all electronic blocks and droid parts needed to build a new droid; it also contains a 9V battery to power the robot. It has step-by-step in-app instructions which help in assembling droid parts, electronic blocks and bringing the droid to life is a great gift that exposes the kids to the world of science, technology, and engineering and it doesn't have a deficiency in fun also.  





The codding toy is suitable for both boys and girls from the age of three and above, and it makes coding more real with a programming language you can feel and touch rather than virtual. It is made of colorful blocks which are assembled by following the codes to build a wooden robot. This play set makes programming education accessible to the youngest audience in history. 




These collections include over 75 different minerals and rock samples. These samples are numbered and identified on the collection index sheet. The collection comes with an introductory study guide, streak plate to collect samples and magnifier that helps observe the physical properties of samples. The rock and mineral collection improves kids knowledge about rocks and minerals, it gives them more insight about their physical features like hardness, luster and so on. 



The code-a-pillar contains eight different segments and a motorized head. The parts are easy to connect for endless combinations. These combinations determine the direction which the code-a-pillar moves; the head segment contains light, and blinking eyes, and makes a fun character sound. This toy helps to enhance kids planning, sequencing, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability. 




This ant farm is awesome storage for ants. It contains an aperture on the lid, which makes loading of ants into the container easy; the container only includes 10-15 ants. The LED light also makes it possible to observe the ants at night. There are no much worries for kids about the ants’ nutrition because the storage contains a blue gel which provides nutrients for the ant and it’s also very edible for kids. The farm ant comes with magnifying glass, little stick, manuals and every other thing needed to have a successful ant farm. 




The fossil kit contains over 100 authentic fossils of twenty different types which include; ammonite fossils, three types of shark teeth and so on. It consists of an identification sheet for determining the type of fossil found, I.D cards to match fossils, a zip lock bag for storing correctly identified and matched fossils, a magnifying glass to perfectly identify fossils and other tools needed to aid the sorting activity. 




This kit allows kids to perform over 18 different tasty experiments. It comes with a 36 pages lab guide that puts the kids through on how to make ice-creams from the comfort of their home and also create their recipe. It also contains over 13 ingredients and tools for ice-cream production. This kit helps enhance kids creative ability; it also helps them discover the importance of each ingredient like rock salt in ice-cream preparation. 




This secret lab allows you perform forty different experiments using the chemicals provided. It comes with a 32 page lab book instruction which guides you through every process of the experiment. It suitable for use for kids from age of eight and above, the kit comes with all needed equipment to perform different experiments. These materials includes base station, pressurize valve and plunger (which helps transport mix liquids), test tube holder and so much more. 




This pop-up book is an awesome display of paper engineering and creativity. The book contains well detailed and updated information about various dinosaur species both the popular ones and the less popular ones. Reading this book needs an extra boldness and ability not to freak out easily, because each of the pages contains spectacular pop-ups of different dinosaur species. One page may pop-up a large T.Rex with its jaw full of jagged teeth staring at you; it takes courage not to freak out in that moment. The book is fun, entertaining and educative. 




The virtual t-shirt allows users take a tour inside the body. It comes with an app which requires downloading. Once you download the app, open it and point it towards anyone putting on the virtual t-shirt or you yourself. The virtual t-shirt allows the app interact with your body once you click the hotspot, a renowned anatomist Han Glover guides you through the vital organs of the body. The virtual t-shirt works with almost all iOS and Android device. 




This learning kit comes with a step-by-step instruction which aids kids in developing a robot. It contains all materials needed to create this interactive technology. It also helps to enhance their knowledge about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. More information and details about the features and functionality of this kit can be found when you access the link attached below. 




The Microscope slide set comes with 25 prepared slides containing various specimens for biological education purpose, the specimens ranges from plants to insects and animal tissues. The slide are preserved with cedar wood oil and sealed with a cover slip to prevent contamination. Each of the slides is labeled for proper identification, and they contain an optical lens for clear viewing. Some of the specimens contained in the slides include onion epidermis, hydra, comprises mushroom, dog skeleton muscles and so on. 




This kit exposes kids to the knowledge of basic science from chemical reactions and use of science tools. This 20+ piece kit is used to perform mind-blowing experiments like creating sunset in test tube, making color changing volcano and so on. It contains 3 test tubes, pipette, plastic cups, and cotton swabs among other things. It also includes chemicals like red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda and so on. It is easy to use and it also enhances kid's knowledge and creativity.  



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