Damaged Screw Extractor Set

A Much Needed Tool for Anyone! As someone who constantly has to deal with projects with ruined screws by over powered screwing, rusted bolts and screw heads,snapped off bolts and a host of other issues, extractors are a much needed tool  Get it Now

High Strength Steel:

Made of durable hardened steel and tempered twice for extra hardness,promising you a long lasting screw extractor tool of rugged material and outstanding performance.

Our stripped screw extractor kit itself comes with four different size bits so it can be used on any screw types/size. ldeal for carpenters, repairmen, contractors, handymen,or do-it-yourselfers.

Simple to Use:

Drill a hole in the designated If needed! (In most screws today you can just use the extractor immediately, as common screws already include the screw hole to begin with, it might just be worn down or rusted).

Unscrew with the extractor for virtually effortless removal. Within seconds,you can remove even the most stubborn of stripped, broken, damaged, embedded, rusted and painted-over screws and bolts from their attachment points with the greatest of ease.

  • 1 — Remove Diameter 3~5mm
  • 2 — Remove Diameter 4~8mm
  • 3 — Remove Diameter 5~10mm
  • 4 — Remove Diameter 6~12mm

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