Circus Zingaro — Pop-up Book

Circus Zingaro — Pop-up Book

— Unpublished, yet…

Circus Zingaro (AKA Cirque Bohémien) is one of the most amazing pop-up books that I have ever seen, the engineering is AMAZING, the story is beautiful and it’s so colorful.

But this video of the book is all the we have at the moment, as it’s not published yet, and it seems that the creator is looking for a publisher to make this amazing pop-up book a reality for all of us too (For publishing inquiries, please contact:


Circus Zingaro is a pop-up book created by paper engineer and illustrator Tina Kraus, faltmanufaktur.

I started to create this Pop-Up Book during my Design and Illustration studies for my final exam and finished it a few years later..

The story is about a homeless girl that wants to join a traveling circus. She introduces herself to the Ringmaster but he dismisses her and doesn’t take her seriously. Instead of offering her a job he introduces her to all the extraordinary freaks and geeks at his show to convince her that she doesn’t fit in. But she has a special gift he doesn’t know about yet.

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