Bubble Gum Factory

Bubble Gum Factory

As a boy who grew up with a “Bazooka” bubble gum in his mouth, 10 hours a day, 364 days of the year, the “Bubble Gum Factory” kit, is a dream come true. I’ll be able to create my own gum — this never ending magical chewey sweet pleasure! If it only existed when I was a kid… Better late than never, and even better to do it with my kids.

If you remember, amonth ago I presented here the fun Candy Factory, its from the same series of cool factory products. Also highly recommended.


Scientific Explorer Bubble Gum Factory Kit lets your young confectionary scientist have as much fun chewing their experiment as they had learning the science behind it. Guided by the instruction booklet, your child will make gobs of gum from 8 different recipes or create their own concoctions and mix unique flavors for friends and family to try. All the gear that you’ll need can be found in this kit, in your kitchen or on the shelves of your local grocery store. The main ingredient of this educational make-it-yourself kit is “creativity”. Once done with the experiments, your child and friends can test their own bubble blowing skills.

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