Automatic Stirrer

Automatic Stirrer

I’m not a great cook, but I do like to cook here and there. What I don’t like are recipes that require you to stand next to the pot and stir and stir and stir… The Hands Free Automatic Stirrer relieves you of this annoying chore, how amazing is that :)


Designed to easily mount on pots and saucepans, the Stirrific will automatically stirr anything from delicate sauces to thick cereals — and even stews, so there’s no worries about burning.

More than convenience, the Stirrific is also smart. Its custom engineered, dishwasher-safe “StirPeller” blades are inspired by the propeller designs of naval ships and submarines and deliver maximum power and efficiency from the units ultra-quiet motor. The result? Velvety smooth sauces, remarkable risottos, super soups and stews — without burning through hours of your valuable time.

Plus, the StirPeller’s nylon composite construction gives the perfect amount flexibility to ensure optimal contact with virtually the entire cooking interior.

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