Amazon Most Awesome and Unique Gifts Ideas For Adults & Kids — 2019

Shopping on can be baffling, so many items and 90% of the product suggestions are more of the same. It took me several weeks to research Amazon items and to come up with Top Unique Amazon Gifts list. The list includes items for ladies, men, teenagers, foodie, bar and kitchen ideas, white elephant ideas, gifts for children / kids, home decor and other unusual and cool items… (For the full list).

This article will save you a lot of time and will help you discover amazing gifts, for friends, colleagues, kids, partners - Boyfriend, Girlfriend, For occasions such as Birthdays, Fathers day, Mothers day, Valentine's day, Christmas and so on, for each loved one there is a super great present here.

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Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Before Blue Milk, before Ewok Jerky, before that frog thing that Jabba eats, before even Yoda’s stew, the main food of the Jedi was ice pops! Of course, a true Jedi made their ice pop holder themselves. Most Jedi used juice to make their ice pops, as it was healthy and nourished the mind and soul, but some preferred alcoholic beverages. These souls became the Sith (named after a brand of Alderaanian vodka), and you know the rest. It’s time to make yourself a treat from long, long ago with your very own Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops! Each Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop set comes with four saber hilts: two Luke and two Vader. Just add juice (or any delicious liquid) to the mold and pop the whole shebang in your freezer for 4 hours. Run a little warm water over the mold and the full saber can be removed and then inserted into the hilt. Activate your saber’s LED for a light-up treat that screams awesome and tasty all at once. It’s always time for Jedi refreshment when you have some Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops. 

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Shark Attack Ceramic Sushi Serving Platter

Serve up sushi and soy sauce or chips and dip! This hungry shark holds your dipping sauce and there’s plenty of room for all of the appetizers and snacks in the ocean! Use his tail for chopsticks or serving utensils! Handpainted ceramic. Hand wash. Do not microwave

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Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Firebuggz offers unique and useful tools and accessories to help you enjoy the outdoors. This hot dog and marshmallow roasting tool looks and feels like a fishing pole. Roast your tasty treats evenly with a simple flick of the wrist.

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DIY Mini Building Blocks Case


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Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

Start with a piece of cardboard and build yourself one of five different Toy-Con projects, such as a 13-key piano, a fishing pole, or even a motorbike. Add your Nintendo Switch console to power it up and you can hold a recital, catch a fish, or win a race, respectively

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Mini Macbook Air Style Portable Mirror

It is small with the shape of MACBOOK AIR and it is a mirror when open it.Absolutely be a self-play and perfect gift!

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Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket

  • STYLISH DESIGN WITH BREATHABLE FABRIC: Soft shell fabric exterior with fleece lining ensures you don't lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth; Detachable hood is specially designed for chilly mornings and extra protection on windy days; Slim-fit design relieves you of worrying about bulkiness. Water and wind resistant.
  • HEAT ACROSS BODY: 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back); Adjust 3 heating settings (High, medium, low) with just a simple press of the button.
  • QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Heat quickly in seconds with 7.4V CE-certified battery; Up to 8 working hours; USB port for charging smart phones and other mobile devices.
  • FOR ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND ADVENTURES: Ideal and warm choice for you, family members, friends, employees, to enjoy outdoor activities (motorbike riding, sport, camping, fishing, construction, etc.) against cold and chilly climate.

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World Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler

Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen. The ultimate tour of the world's top coffee producing regions, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Kona. Experience chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and everything in between. Bean Box hand picks coffees grown on the world's finest estates and roasted to perfection by Seattle's top roasters like Fundamental, Slate, and Vita.

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Wish Necklace

Real Dandelion Seed Pendant Necklace Glass Oval Globe Make a Wish DIY Nature Seeds Pendant For Girls Women

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The Prescription Coffee Mug

BigMouth Inc. is the creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality novelty items. Our specialty is an assortment of humorous products targeting practical jokers of all ages. We design and produce our line exclusively to satisfy our high standards of quality and originality.

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JELLO-Play Slime, Monster - Play with - Eat it

JELL-O Play Monster Slime is so much fun! The slime stretches if you pull it slowly, but snaps if you pull it apart fast. It's firm if you squeeze it, but it can also pour and drip like a liquid. Each canister makes two big batches of slime. 100% Edible and easy to make! Great for kids parties!

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Sweat Activated Women's Gym Tank Top | You Can Go Home Now

(Also Men Version Available)

Sweat in style and experience the revolution of your workouts in brand new Sweat Activated Tank Tops!
Whether you are looking for a motivation booster or want to show everyone how hard you're working out, this sleeveless racerback will find you well.
While doing your favorite workout, the design on a t-shirt will appear as you sweat.

And remember! - You're not allowed to quit until everything is visible!

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Sushi Socks Box is a product, designed by a group of young sushi fans. Sushi Socks are cotton socks resembling sushi, packed in box like a real sushi, decorated by grass, ginger and wasabi (shaping from fabric scraps). Sushi Socks are made in EU with highest quality standards. In our offer you can find socks imitating nigiri from salmon, tuna, butterfish, octopus or tamago and socks like sushi maki from tuna, oshinko and cucumber. Sushi Socks Box secret?s lies in proper folding socks in a way imitating nigiri sushi (piece of rice topped with fish) or sushi maki (rolled rice with a fish inside, wrapped in seaweed called nori). Socks after unrolling present colour and texture of a given fish (pink ? salmon, yellow ? tamago, maroon ? tuna, creamy ? butterfish and irregular purple, maroon or brown circle ? octopus). In sushi maki, the sock is tricolor, from black through white till the colour of choosen ingredient: oshinko ? yellow, tuna- maroon, cucumber ? green. 

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Bookstore Scented Candle - Book Lovers' Soy Candle

Bookstore - Book Lovers' Soy Candle-Guild Product - - Cool Gifts \ Unique Gifts - The Best Gifts for Men, Women and Kids of All Ages

Lose yourself on a lazy afternoon, cup of coffee in hand, while wandering endless aisles of bookshelves. This sweet, cozy blend of earthy fragrances will have you feeling like home is where the bookstore is.

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World’s Largest Gummy Worm

We’ve taken a normal size gummy worm & super sized it 125 times BIGGER! A very unique twist that will definitely turn some heads!!

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle A Cooperative Deck Building Game

Take on the role of Harry Potter and his friends to defend Hogwarts from Villains and their Dark Arts in order to save the wizarding world. With every turn you and your fellow wizards must defend magical locations including Diagon Alley™, the Chamber of Secrets™, and even the Quidditch™ Pitch from villainous attacks and Dark Arts events.

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Chemist’s Spice Rack (14 Piece Set)

The test tube spice jars and flasks in this “chemistry” spice rack will make you look like the best mad scientist of the kitchen that you can possibly be! With this spice rack, you’re sure to create many delicious science experiments in the kitchen. Labels for your spices include: Ch Chile, Cu Cumin, Tu Tumeric, Ci Cinnamon, Ga Garlic, Mu Mustard, Ba Basil, Or Oregano, Pa Paprika, Su Sugar, Pe Pepper, Sa Salt (yes. It should be Na, but notice the theme!). This attractive kitchen set includes nine test tubes and stoppers, three lab flasks, a 10-ounce Oil Cruet with stopper and pouring spout, and a convenient metal carrying tray. Test tubes measure approx. 3 inches tall x 1 inch diameter, Small Lab Flask measures approx. 3.25 inches tall x 1.9 inch diameter, Large Lab Flask measures approx. 5.75 inches tall x 3.25 inch diameter, Carrying Tray measures approx. 10.5 inches long x 7.75 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep.

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Samurai Umbrella

With a Samurai sword handle, you will be begging for rain with our awesome Samurai Umbrella! Unlike ordinary umbrella’s, this one kicks ass as you strut down the street with it strapped to your back, ready to whip it out at the very site of a grey cloud. Use your cunning and stealth-like Ninja instincts to detect moisture in the air. Glide your Samurai Umbrella out of its sheath and save the world/ your coat from impending doom/ getting wet by Ming the Merciless/ rain. This large black umbrella is fantastically manly and can be carried around in honour and pride as you hop gayley from puddle to puddle. This top quality umbrella opens at the push of a button and is ideal for impressing friends, co-workers and girlfriends as you make whooshing noises, do that ‘Look, I’m pretending to be a dubbed Japanese Ninja film!’ voice and jump around like a rabid dog in space boots.

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Tornado Potato Chips Slicer

This manual spiral potato slicer allows you to make spiral potato for your wonderful BBQ experience or twisted potato chips, tornado potatoes and other veggie snacks for your family hospitality. It’s very easy to use and clean this machine. With rubber suction mount on the bottom, it’s very safe and convenient to slice potato.

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Portable MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Enjoy a fresh espresso anytime, anywhere with the help of the Mind Reader Hand Held Portable Espresso Maker. This small device requires just your favorite freshly ground coffee beans and hot water. The pump inside does the rest, providing you with powerful, flavorful shots. Dimensions: 2.8W x 2.4D x6.9H in.. Made from plastic. Black in color. Hand operated. No batteries or electric power needed. Great for hiking.

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Monopoly Avengers Game

The marvel universe has been taken over, and it’s your job to save every location from the evil grasp of villainy! this monopoly game is just like the fast-trading property game but with an avengers twist. You collect power every time you pass go, and you can use that power to save locations. Once you’ve saved them, you can collect power-ups from other players when they land on locations you’ve saved! the game ends when all locations are safe from evil, and if you’re the avenger with the most power, you win! marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from marvel characters B.V. Monopoly And all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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Wonder Woman Bookend

Supergal is a clever bookend that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. A magnet is used to suspend the super heroine in the air, giving the impression of her ‘saving’ the books from an imminent fall.

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The Curious Map Book

Since that ancient day when the first human drew a line connecting Point A to Point B, maps have been understood as one of the most essential tools of communication. Despite differences in language, appearance, or culture, maps are universal touchstones in human civilization.

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Fortnite Bedding Set


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National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual

The NASA Graphics Standards Manual, by Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn, is a futuristic vision for an agency at the cutting edge of science and exploration. Housed in a special anti-static package, the book features a foreword by Richard Danne, an essay by Christopher Bonanos, scans of the original manual (from Danne’s personal copy), reproductions of the original NASA 35mm slide presentation, and scans of the Managers Guide, a follow-up booklet distributed by NASA.

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The Pop-up Book of Phobias

Fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of death — everyone is afraid of something. And these pop-ups place you in the hot seat — whether it’s the dentist’s chair as the drill comes spinning toward you; looking over the edge of a skyscraper whose sheer face plummets thousands of feet to the sidewalk far below; or the window seat of a plane as the oxygen mask deploys, your drink spills, and the horizon line shifts to an angle that is suddenly, terribly wrong . . .

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The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black

Philadelphia, the late 1870s. A city of gas lamps, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages — and home to the controversial surgeon Dr. Spencer Black. The son of a grave robber, young Dr. Black studies at Philadelphia’s esteemed Academy of Medicine, where he develops an unconventional hypothesis: What if the world’s most celebrated mythological beasts — mermaids, minotaurs, and satyrs — were in fact the evolutionary ancestors of humankind?

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Rube Goldberg: Inventions!

Welcome to the world of that archetypal American, Reuben Lucius Goldberg, the dean of American cartoonists for most of the twentieth century. For more than sixty-five years, Rube Goldberg’s syndicated cartoons — he produced more than fifty strips — appeared in as many as a thousand newspapers annually He was earning a hundred thousand dollars a year…in 1915. He wrote hit songs and stories and was, in succession, a star in vaudeville, motion pictures, newsreels, radio, and, finally, television.

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Black Cats & Evil Eyes: A Book of Old-Fashioned Superstitions

Hundreds of beliefs passed down through the generations have their foundations in our ancestors’ efforts to ward off evil, which they blamed for hardship, illness, and injustice in times when life was, as often as not, “nasty, brutish and short.” Black Cats & Evil Eyes sets these superstitions in their historical and social context, explaining how fear of the Devil, demons, evil spirits, and witchcraft drove people to arm themselves with rituals and talismans to repel dark forces and allow them to live long and healthy lives. In examining many of our common superstitions, this book illuminates the customs, beliefs, and practices that link us to an ancient, and often darker, human past.

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Color Changing Zombie Mug Hot

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Disturbed Friends — This game should be banned

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to find out how disturbed your friends are, but, more importantly, how disturbed they think you are. 
You will be faced with horrible situations, sexual scenarios and unethical debates that may cause you to re-evaluate your friendships.

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Disgusting Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science is the grossest, most revolting kit available that will educate your child with nasty experiments on what actually grows on their own body, what’s really in their teeth and the explanations behind our unmentionable, smelly bodily functions. Disgusting Science investigates your child’s everyday questions like “What makes you pass gas?”, “Do creatures really live on me?”, “Why do your feet really stink?” and more. Your young scientist will be fascinated to learn fun facts about these body parts, by-products and will be grossed out as they take science to a whole new level by creating a stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood and learn how to grow friendly molds and bacteria. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with adult supervision.

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Kolejka — Queue — Board Game

Kolejka is a board game illustrating the reality of daily life in the declining years of Poland’s communist government. At first glance, your task as a player seems simple: you must send your family to stores and buy all the products on your shopping list. But the problem is that the shelves in the five nearby stores are empty. Players place their pawns in queues, not knowing which stores will receive products. The tension rises when product cards are exposed, and it turns out that there will be only enough goods for the lucky few standing closest to the store’s door.

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Ant Cocktail/Fruit Pick

This item is made with raw material which is non-toxic and harmless to health. It processed wtih precise machinery, this high-density and nonporous fork pick is available for both kids and adults, which won’t hurt month accidently with its smooth edge

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Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier

Billy Bob Teeth’s newest pacifier. There is no other pacifier with this much bling. This pacifier is based off of our most popular pacifier, “The Thumbsucker” so these will be moving fast. Make sure you get some while they are in stock.

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Battery Heat Sensitive Mug

Make Your Mornings Happier With Chuzy Chef® Magic Coffee Mug

Not a morning person? Well, most of us aren’t so getting up in the morning for us is a constant battle with leaving our comfy bed and having to go to work or school. The only time most of us get some sort of life in us is when we drink that first cup of coffee. So we at Chuzy Chef® have decided to tackle that dread of the morning by making your cup of coffee just a little bit more exciting. Here’s how it works — pour your normal cup of Joe like you do every morning — except pour it in our special Battery Charging Design Morning Magic Coffee Mug!

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Automatic Pot Stirer, As Seen On TV

Stop stirring for hours; let RoboStirTM do the work for you. Waterproof and completely submersible, Robostir features 3 legs with silicone feet that won’t scratch or damage your pans. Specially designed to cover the entire surface area of your pan, this must-have kitchen helper stirs your soups, sauces and beans for up to 4 hours. Dishwasher safe, snaps apart for easy clean-up.

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Backhoe, 12V Battery Powered Ride on

  • Full Functional Motorized Backhoe Arm
  • Two Forward And One Reverse Gears
  • Electronic Sound Effects
  • 12V Rechargeable Battery Included

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Backyard Waterpark — 6 in 1

Waterparks are a great way for young kids to cool down on a hot day. So, instead of planning, packing up the car, paying exorbitant entry fees, and chasing after your kids once you finally arrive, the whole family can enjoy a fun, stress-free day with the new Buckets of Fun 6-in-1 Backyard Waterpark. Buckets of Fun is a blast! It’s a safe, cost-effective way to keep your kids happy and cool in the convenience of your own private backyard waterpark. With 6 ways to play, kids aged 2+ will keep themselves entertained for hours on end. Watch kids wait with anticipation or race to beat the automatic dump bucket, build a sand castle or pop 100s of bubbles, fill the funnel or ride through the coolest kiddie-carwash around. Buckets of Fun 6-in-1 Backyard Waterpark is easy to assemble, with no gluing or cutting required, so a season of fun only takes minutes to arrange. Certified compliance with CPSC’s Toy Safety Standard F963–11

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Wall Clock with Hidden Safe

Hide your valuables in this 10" fully functioning clock that opens to reveal a hidden safe. The face opens to reveal two flat shelves and one rounded ledge that will hold jewelry, cash, credit cards or other small valuables. Simple hinged design. This easy-to-hang wall clock requires one aa battery

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Robotic Lawn Mower with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut-off

The Worx Landroid is the pre-programmable robotic mower that lets you customize daily mowing schedules. The Landroid runs 7 days a week giving your lawn a continuous manicured look by giving the grass a trim on a routine basis as opposed to traditional mowers that take off substantial amounts of grass on a less frequent basis. Among its many features, Landroid navigates narrow passages, cuts with precision on slopes angling up to 20 degrees and does it all with zero emissions. If your lawn is under 10750 square feet and you want it to look great every day, the Landroid is designed precisely for you. The Intuitive keypad makes it easy to customize a mowing schedule so your lawn is neatly mowed every day. The low noise operation allows you to mow during the day or night. This allows you to wake up to a freshly mowed lawn every morning. The Landroid runs off of a 28V rechargeable battery so there are zero emissions.

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Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder

Once your dishes are washed, offer a nap to your sponge on its white bed. An indispensable accessory to decorate its kitchen and bring all the necessary comfort to your sponge. The sponge comes with the sponge bed holder. Dimensions: 8 x 11.5 x 8.5 cm Plastic material

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Fence Window for Pets

Every dog should have a point of view. The Pet Peek window can easily make that possible. Dogs are curious; they want to know what’s happening out there. Help satisfy their curiosity and make it possible for them to have a peek. The Pet Peek window is a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 Inch in diameter and 5 Inch deep, with a black trim-ring and all necessary hardware for easy do-it-yourself installation into your wooden or vinyl fence. It is an attractive addition to your fence. Cleaning is easy. Just spray down with a garden hose as necessary. Other ideas for usage include dog kennels, dog runs and even playhouses for children.

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FishHotel Mini Aquarium

The Umbra Fishhotel Mini Aquarium is an ideal starter fish tank — an award-winning cool, modern home for your finned friends such as bettas, goldfish, and other small fish. Modelled after contemporary condominium apartments, this reinvented aquarium features a sleek white shell with assymetrical windows. Individual units can be stacked to create a condo effect. Small glass bowl is removable for cleaning. Measures 7–1/2 inches by 7–1/2 inches by 8 inches and holds 1.8 gallons of water. Designed by Teddy Luong for Umbra — original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.

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Furry Bean Bag Chair

The 5 ft. Sack is perfect for gaming rooms and movie fans everywhere. It has even officially been chosen by a number of popular Gaming magazines as the top chair for gamers. Being 5ft, it can fit two small adults, such as college students and teenagers, but is initially made for the comfort of one adult or child. Activities that have kids sitting down for hours on end require comfortable chairs, and it can’t get any better than the Comfy Sack. If you’re thinking of spicing things up in your basement or family room, then this would be an excellent addition. The only regret you might have is not getting more! To convince you further, Comfy Sacks being Apple Computers selected our brand to decorate their California corporate headquarters’ creative rooms. Being known as makers of the highest quality of gadgets, Apple chose Comfy Sacks over the competition and we take pride in that!.

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Industrial Table Lamp

This industrial table lamp is flexible enough to work in a home, retail space, or office. The pulley wheels guide the wire through the light. It also features our signature steel base which keeps the piece very sturdy. All pieces and lengths can be customized so if you need something to fit your needs

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Uzi Submachine Gun USB Flash Drive 64GB

Uzi Style 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Are you looking to set a new trend?! Or maybe you fancy something a bit out of the norm?! Take a look at these USB Flash Drives. They are perfectly disguised gadgets! However, under all the stylishness there is 64GB of memory for you to store anything you would want! The design itself looks amazing and it doubles up as extra protection for your data.

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Whirligig Spinner — Road Runner

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Lock Picking Training Locks

Lock with open chambers on all the moving parts that allow you to see how it work. Best Padlocks Lock Training Trainer Skill for Locksmith, also perfect for beginners. Smooth working condition and durablity for repetitive practice.

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360 Degrees Book Mount Fuji” Yusuke Oono (Japanese)

Yusuke Oono, born in Germany and trained as an architect, has designed a surprising twist on the pop-up book. As its title suggests, unfolding this petite book in a circular fashion results in a 360-degree panoramic scene. Here, the classic fairy tale is revisited in a progression from light to dark. With the dwarves and animals cheerfully working and playing on one side, Snow White stands hesitatingly in the middle as the witch beckons with her cursed apple from the murky forest depths.

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USB Fridge

1. Mini USB powered fridge with both cooling and heating functions.
2. Built-in green / red LED indicator, magnetic door catch.
3. Keep your beverage cool / warm to drink at your computer side.
4. Can hold a single can, easy installation, no driver required, plug and play.
5. USB powered — Plug & Play. No batteries required.

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Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

Have you ever wanted to be a mad scientist? Now you can at least have light switches like one with this awesome item. The “Frankenstein Paddle Light Switch” fits a standard flip light switch. We supply the parts unpainted, so you can paint these to the color you desire. (SCREWS NOT INCLUDED). The dimensions are 5" x 3" x 0.25" inches. Our plates have been seen all over social media, and featured on sites like ThisIsWhyImBroke. Actor Wil Wheaton even feature them on his website, and Voltaire used these in a webisode! These would make the perfect addition to any room or haunted house. Great for hiding switches in sets. This piece is available thru the Creative Commons Attribution license.