Air Swimmers

Air Swimmers

This time I am writing about one of the coolest gadgets around. A great fun for office laughs, family get togethers and kids parties.

This “Air Swimmers” R/C gadget isn’t really flying, it actually swims through the air, thanks to its fin movement mechanism. This makes the fish looks like it is actually underwater.

From first hand experience the “Air Swimmers” swimming mechanism make you feel very similar to a real diving experience (but indoors and above sea level…). It flies so quietly and elegantly, just like when you are under water diving, and everything is quiet and slow.

Please note

  • You obviously get it with no helium in it, you’ll need to any toy store that have helium baloons and fill it in there, it doesn’t cost much.
  • It’s not easy to build it, it will take you around half an hour to an hour. I built over time around 6 such “Air Swimmers” and still it requires a bit of time.
  • It a helium baloon after all, so make your you don’t let it swim outside.


  • Once filled with helium, the remote controlled Air Swimmer Clownfish swims through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion.
  • The infra red remote control unit provides up, down, and tail fin control for moving right and left. The remote control works up to 40 feet away.
  • The clownfish measures approximately 57 inches long from nose to tail fin, and 36 inches high (including fins) . For indoor use only and ceiling fans must be turned off for safe and effective operation.
  • The clownfish’s body is made from a durable nylon material which can be filled over and over for lots of fun times. Once filled, the clownfish will stay inflated for up to two weeks depending on altitude.

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