Advent Calendars - the best "get into the mood" Christmas gift

Looking for a unique gift for Christmas? Advent calendars are not exactly a Christmas gift, but are such a cool gifts to give and get someone warmed up for the Christmas spirit.

When did all of this start?

For Christian christians, Christmas has become the most significant thing of the year, and it is a festival of the greatest gift ever offered to the human race by God. The term Advent has Latin roots, which means "going," or more specifically, "going to." This gift was Jesus, the Son of God Himself, coming into this world and dwelling within us, teaching us the real existence of Heaven, witnessing with us human gladness and sorrow and eventually, following His own will to suffer a horrific and agonizing death. This paid the price for the sin that had separated us from our Holy God and High Father, which led to our complete and complete reconciliation with Him.

Many Christians felt that it is insufficient just one day in the annual calendar to celebrate this unbelievable gift from God because of the value of this event centenaries ago. Believers were so awed (and still do) and were so grateful that they felt they needed to prepare themselves for an immediate period of time. They wondered what happened that first Christmas. They could not only take time to meditate about it but also teach the great importance of Christmas to their children.

Initially, from 1 December the days before Christmas had been marked off by crack at the doors of faithful. So the mother of an child, Gerhard Lang, made her son into an Advent calendar in Germany at the end of the 19th century, composed of 24 little treats embedded in carboards. Lang never lost his excitement at the beginning of December for his Advent calendar and how every day it reminded him that the year-round 's biggest celebration was getting ever faster. When an adult, he entered his friend Reichhold in partnership and opened an office in printing. In 1908, the first ever printed Advent Calendar was made and each day in Advent a small colored illustration was taken. Around the turn of the 20th century, they came up with the concept of making the photos little shuttered windows to open up every day and increase their consciousness.

The idea of the advent calendar came to light with other printing companies as the demand rose and numerous versions were produced, of which some bible verses corresponding to the advent period would have printed on them. The Advent Calendar has been globally recognized among children from around the world as December draws close. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the First World War the custom came to an end when carton was strictly rationed and only permitted for use in war efforts. Nevertheless, the printers of Richard Sellmer launched a cheerful miniature Advent calendar again in 1946 after rationing started to be simpler at the conclusion of the Second World War. Once again it was an instant success.

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Sadly, the Advent Calendar, while still highly popular for all youngsters, has lost its true significance with the fading of Christianity in western nations. Many, many children and their parents don't know about the past or the real intent of the tiny calendar to prepare us for the Christ-kids Advent. Many wouldn't care, even though they know. Furthermore, today's Advent calendars are concerned only with marketing their products, and many of these know neither the meaning nor the intent of Advent. Their calendars depict Santa Claus and his reindeer, snowmen, holly, mistletoe, and all the secular trappings of Christmas behind the little windows, often along with a piece of chocolate. Luckily Christian printers are still here with us to create calendars that show the story of the birth with each opened window for children from Christian families. As Christian Christians, we hope that the world will one day understand that the true significance of Advent and Christmas is amazing.

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What are they?

Across various countries there are several types of calendars. The most famous in Great Britain and the United States have 24 to 25 narrow openings on paper to cards. Every day in December a window is opened and a picture of Christmas is shown below.

During the 19th Century , German Protestant Christians counted on 24 chalk lines at the door until Christmas and rubbed one off in December every day.

First common were paper calendars in Germany at the beginning of the 1900s, albeit from 1850. There is a dispute about whether the calendar was printed during the first commercial production, but it was in the first ten years of the 1900s. German printer Gerhard Lang was the best known and successful early printer of print Advent calendars. His first calendars included two sheets, a back-card, number 1 to 24, and a separate photo sheet that could be cut and attached to the numbers every single day. Everyone had two sheets. Throughout the 1920s, Germany created the first calendars with 'windows.' The production of the Advent calendars ceased in the Second World War because of a shortage of cartons.

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Scenes of the history of Christmas and other Christmas pictures such as snowmen and rubbles were used when they were first made, but many calendars are now made for toys, TV programs and sports clubs. The first Advent calendar record was published in the UK in 1956.

The first chocolate schedule was made in 1958 and the first chocolate schedule in UK was made in 1971 by Cadbury. Nevertheless, not all of them started selling. Only in the 1980s did chocolate calendars become popular.

A wreath of fir has also been used by certain European countries, like Germany, which have 24 bags or boxes. There is a little present every day in every box or bag.

All types of Advent Calendars, including chocolate, perfumes, alcohol and beauty products, are now sold and promoted. Even your pets with dogs or cat treats can receive advent calendars! In 2007, in St. Pancras train station in London , England, the world's biggest advent calendar was made. It was 71 meters high and 23 meters wide and the station was renovated. In 2010, a jeweller in Belgium produced the most expensive Advent calendar. It was composed of 24 pipes with diamonds and silver each! It has been worth approximately $3.3 million (€ 2.5 million)!!!!!

Find the most unique advent calendars

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